10 Men fashion essential wardrobe items

In one year from Fall 2014 to Fall 2015,

“Nordstrom grew its menswear offering by 26% and Mr. Porter by 33%. Premium retailer J.Crew grew its men’s offering by 68% and contemporary luxury brand Acne by 47%. At the mass market end of the scale, Zara saw smaller margins for growth, upping menswear by just 3% over the year. By contrast, H&M went in aggressively, increasing its men’s offering by 260%.”
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What this means is that menswear is fetching retail space as well as digital market at a very high speed.
One must conclude from this that earlier men had limited options, therefore choosing fashion items was relatively easy.
In recent years, however, menswear industry is booming and all that is offered is not only creating more options than ever before but also creating bamboozlement and skepticism about the products.

So, we decided to help you through all that noise and in turn save you from browsing through multiple sites for hours.

We have created a list of 10 wardrobe essentials so that you have a checklist and all you have to do is buy the items you dont have in the closet from your favorite stores!

10 Fashion Essential For A Man’s Wardrobe


1. Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts have always been a basic necessity for the working-man.
Due to their high demand, there are a variety of these available, in both formal and informal categories.

The formal shirts are usually paler and subtler in color when compared to the informal ones.
It is recommended that you have a mix of both of these in your closet because not only are Oxford Shirts easiest to pull off, they look classy at the same time.
Variate your looks with complementing ties and pants for your daily office wear.

1. Brown Brogues

Brogues are powerful composites of functionality and design that originated in Scotland and Ireland.

While most men do prefer Oxfords over Brogues when it comes to daily office-wear, Brogues still triumphs when it comes to making an impression.

Brogues are essentially about the decoration they have at the top.
So we would recommend you to go ahead and try a few to see which color and pattern suits your palette.
For a quick shop, stay closer to the darker shades of these shoes as they blend best with most office-outfits.


1. Denim Jacket

When it comes to denim jackets, you only need one and they last a lifetime. 
Denim only gets better with usage and the look it can create is worth every time you hang it on your shoulder.

Essentially, denim jackets have been in fashion far longer than any of us have been alive but every year they get refined and polished.
Recently some designers have gone out and made the denim jackets fitter, with sharper cuts and added patches and stitches we had never seen before, while others have loosened them up and dropped the shoulders drastically.
If you are not into these trends we would still recommend staying close to this historical piece because the classic shall always remain one.

4. Knit Ties

Yes, there are ties that are not made of silk.
A knit tie is a thin line between between formal and informal. It has its feet on both sides of the ground and looks chic and progressive at all times. 

This tie is preferred at a width of 2.5 inches and works best with the basic knot (four-in-hand) so that the tie does not look bulky due to its thicker material.
Knit ties do not close off your option to wear them during summer, really. The frequency and colors must change, though. Opt for solids when you initially start wearing these and soon start with beautiful patterned ones.

5. Polo T-shirt

Polo shirts were originally made to be worn at golf or tennis matches.
But they have long evolved since then and are now thriving during the Spring/Summer season on the streets. 
These shirts are a welcomed-alternative to usual t-shirts for a casual day out. 
They have a sophisticated vibe and look great on most body types. 

We recommend solid colors with smaller brand logos, even if with contrasting colors. Allow the fit and structure to shine through.


5. Colorful Socks

Socks are often disregarded as part of the outfit. What doesn’t show, doesn’t matter, right?
We have a few good answers that direct a clear “no” to that. 
Socks protect our feet from abrasion, they help keep away the ever-daunting perspiration and out feet stay snug in the shoes.
Furthermore, they can and break your outfit depending on how you choose to wear them. 
Matching your socks to your pants is the easiest way to get it right. You could also experiment with tonal changes and eventually, when you find your personal style, you must experiment with colors and patterns for a nice pop to your outfit. 


7. Grey Sweatshirt

The word “sweatshirt” is not the most stylish name in the world yet this piece of clothing has managed to outgrow its namesake and become a staple of every man’s wardrobe.

Originally made for athletics, it has been reinterpreted several times with its fits and cuts and still comes out as a winner with its original design.

Wear a sweatshirt with blue faded denims and add some sneakers to finish the look. This casual outfit will never fail you, we promise. 

8. Navy Wool Suit

Invest in a tailored wool navy suit and it will reward you every time you wear it.

Navy is a charming color and easy-to-the-eyes. A navy suit is a go-to preference for men all over the world as their workwear for decades now.

We would recommend you to pick a breathable wool fabric in order to wear it during the summers without perspiring. 
Select the fineness of the wool the between the 100–150 range. The higher the “super number”, the higher its price and the finer its quality is.

9. Raw & Selvedge Jeans

Selvedge jeans are basically denim woven using old-fashioned denim-weaving techniques; preferably on old looms.

Buying these selvedge jeans raw (no pre-wash processes) will allows you to ‘break into’ your jeans your own way. You must read a little more about this to find the best ways to get down to it.

Raw jeans require rare washes and frequent wear. So, that means you can wear them every day for months and they would be just fine without a single wash. Buying one of high quality that are a little expensive will last you a lifetime and more an they would be completely moulded according to your body. 
Rather buy these than custom-made, right?



10. Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are the epitome of a laid-back wardrobe. Even though this humble casual shirt’s beginnings stretch back to the 1500s, deriving from Scottish tartans, they have been forever-growing on us.

The reason why flannel shirts are a staple to many is because they pull off a look like no other. Their strong airy vibe with little rebel hints are one of the many reasons they are so endearing. You can easily pull off a flannel shirt with light-washed denims, sneakers with a hint of a musky perfume lightly aired. 


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