What It Means To Be A Gentleman Today?


As times change, so do the meanings of certain terms. Earlier, a gentleman was one by birth — being born into a very well reputed family or a royal family made one a gentleman. Slowly and steadily, came the concept of ‘Gentleman is as Gentleman does’. Now-a-days, you do not have to be among the elite to be called a gentleman — your nature, personality and poise are the three basic characteristics that would make you a gentleman of the 21st century.

Here are a few tips that will make you a gentleman:

1. Always have a good hygiene

Having a good hygiene is the first prerequisite to being a gentleman. Sloppy procrastination for bathing, shaving and grooming are a strict no. A gentleman must always look clean and smell good. Check out our guide to choosing your scent so that you can not only smell good, but have a unique smell of your own that suits you.

2. Always be on time

A gentleman is never late. Here, the terms ‘on time’ and ‘never late’ basically mean being at the rendezvous at least 15 minutes before meeting time — irrespective of whether you’re a host or a guest.

3. Always have good manners

Good manners are key to being a gentleman. You cannot be one if you treat a CEO with great respect and a janitor as if he were not human. Always treat everyone the way you want to be treated. If people are rude to you, don’t drop to their level. Be kind and graceful at all times.

4. Always be well-dressed

Last, but not the least, being well dressed is super important. Now we don’t mean that you need to wear a tux day in and day out — check out our guide to appropriate dressing for different occasions and you’ll understand just what we mean!

Incorporate these points as habits and you will be a great gentleman — one everyone admires and respects.

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