Do you wanna just sit and stare, see your life passing by and never make a move to change it the way you want? As kids, we always loved magic and dreams, but as we grew older and decided to chase them, we got a reality check. Ever since we started going to school, we were advised to outstand in academics, emphasize raising our grades, and master in exams. Likewise in college, learning has always been associated with our academic courses and grades, but what about our extracurricular clubs, leadership roles, volunteering activities, being well-traveled, majorly the hobbies and interests outside of school that went unnoticed? They say, ‘the further you run from demonstrating your ability to commit, the deeper a grave you dig for yourself’. Just the way learning should never stop, neither should your self-development. Why not just sit and consciously gather your emotions, feelings, and decide to keep self-development as an important aspect of your life. Here are 5 books that would compel you to focus on your self-development irrespective of who you are –

  • Joy On Demand by Chade Mengtan-    One of the bestsellers, this book talks about the journey of the author from writing down his notes to finally getting the book published. He discusses how that period included hours of writing, thinking, and researching. But he still kept a hold of it despite the other issues in his life. However, towards the end, he realizes that he was practicing a principle that applies to every long and difficult endeavor, one of which he marks in his book, i.e. don’t stop and don’t strain. He mentions, one must aspire to have the determination to never give up.  Self Development Books
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho- The story in the book revolves around a young shepherd named Santiago who seeks for a treasure throughout his life after being lost on a continent. Along the journey, he learns to listen to his heart and discovers that fear is one of the biggest obstacles in a person’s life. He understands how important it is to break the monotony and embrace the good changes that come your way. He absorbs the fact of making decisions and imagines the world in his terms instead of the mundane mindset.
    The Alchemist
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle-   A book with a spiritual touch is an exclusive guide that discusses how one can revive his life taking one step at a time while carrying the insights that provide him well for the entire life. It indicates the essence of the present moment while encouraging us to stop holding on to the illusions about our future or past, rather be absorbed completely in the very present and purposely focus on the positive aspects of life. Power Of Now Book
  • What to say when you talk to yourself by Dr. Shad Helmstetter-  Coming from an honored psychologist, the book is an exemplary guide that considers various levels of self talk a reader could utilize to exhibit an improved version of his inner dialogue and hone his skills towards success. He extends his expressions talking about the quality of our lives which is quick addition of how we talk to ourselves, what beliefs and attitudes we create, how willing are we to let go of the negativity, and our ultimate reactions to the various things in life.
Self Development Book
  • Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins- One of the leading psychologists, Robbin constructs the idea about how one can take control and steer the ship of their respective destinies. He advises how one’s decisions, rules play an important role to essentially provide leadership in their existence. He imports the relevance of mastering your body, emotions and materialistic aspects in life through your willpower and the idea of strengthening to create and maintain a lasting change.
Awaken The Giant Within Book

Reading these books can work wonders in your life and reconstruct it for the better. If you are struggling to locate your way into being self-aware then you must take a look. Do tell us about your favourite books in the comments below.

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