A good pair of pants completes every outfit. It is imperative for men to take time when shopping for quality pants. Selection of wrong pants can make your outfit look worse regardless of how amazing other clothing items are. Here are a few important types of Pants that a Man should own.


Suit trousers are formal wear which is worn mainly as office wear or for formal occasions. Major go-to colours in suit trousers are black, navy blue and grey. Pair these with Oxfords or loafers. Smart Tip: Go for a pair that’s comfortable for those tedious work days.

Denims are timeless piece

Men's Jeans India

They are a wardrobe staple and definitely your savior. Truly our fashion sense is nothing without jeans and blue denims work in almost every way. Pair your blue denim with white t -shirt for a casual look and adds charm of smartness and sensibility too. The styles that come with it are impeccable and this trademark piece has the ability to keep the desire to dress well intact. Looking for a comfortable pair of Jeans, check out HenryandSmith.com, rugged yet comfortable Jeans for Men.

Track pants: comfortable and relaxed! 

The stretchable fabric of track pants makes it comfortable to wear for casual outings and workouts. This trend is here to stay.  They are available in many colours and versatility that can’t be denied. Mostly appropriate for an off day at home or an outing to your neighborhood supermarket. Don’t be afraid and nail this style with confidence.

Wear the Chinos!

Men's Chino Pants India

The chinos fall in between of khakis and dress pants. They are a step up in the fashion world and a style that’s an all-rounder. Chinos have been a part of fashion world since the 20th century. Chinos give an utter comfort vibe and a smart look for different ocassions. Wear the chinos with your t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers when there is a semi-formal occasion. For premium cotton Chinos check out HenryandSmith.com, they offer perfect fit chinos in a wide range of colors. Chinos look good as both, casual wear or work wear. Smart Tip: Pair your Chinos with a blazer and brogues when you need to attend a business casual meeting.

Cargo pants for road trip!

Looking for a change? It’s a good mantra to live by. Cargo pants are famous for the six pockets that come along with it. The comfort and pockets it provided was the reason why it sold so much, as the trends changed these trousers are not seen on street frequently. Men are moving towards body fit. However, you can still wear as casual wear on boots. Pairing cargos with loose tee is a good choice. Some brands also offer a narrow fit version of these to meet changing demands.

Do you have a pair of these in your wardrobe? Let us know what you think of this piece in the comments below.

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