Have you ever given it a thought about whether you’re using the right bag? Maybe your regular bag is so convenient you don’t realise it’s the wrong bag for a particular occasion or it doesn’t go well with your outfit?

Bags have been an important accessory without anyone realising it. Everywhere you go, you always have a bag along. But different occasions need different styles of bags. As important as the quality of the bag, so is the intention. Of the many styles, it is important to know what they are designed for. Just as you would not bring a backpack to the office or a briefcase to the beach, every bag has a specific use and defines its own style.

There’s a certain bag that’s appropriate for that particular setting, and you need to know what they are. Here’s a list of the types of bags for men, check them out and always pick that one that’s meant for the moment!


Briefcases are probably the oldest form of “acceptable” handbags for men. However, modern briefcases have evolved and become stylish. They are essential for almost all working men. As we know, briefcase are designed specifically for the workplace or formal settings. Dark and solid colours are preferred mostly. They are popularly made in black leather, the briefcase is a classic, squared-shaped bag made to hold everything you need for the work day. Conveniently in the shape of a tablet or laptop, these items can fit snugly and safely inside. It is meant to last you for years at a time. Try pairing a charcoal suit with a black briefcase to feel fully confident and look classic and professional.

Brief Case Men

Tote Bag

A tote is the modern approach to the classic briefcase but one that won’t come off as too corporate. Simplistic and casual, the tote bag is perfect for day or weekend trips with friends or family. It is available in various colours and patterns, perfect for every age, every style and most casual outings. If you want a relaxed look go for a black crew-neck t-shirt and grey chinos with black leather tote bag. It is extremely easy to pull together without a second thought, helping you look awesome and ready for anything without spending a lot of time in your wardrobe.


One of the coolest accessories as a man is, the backpack! Backpacks never go out of style. They are made with many different materials, some reinforced with mesh and padding. The versatility of the backpack is endless, as they can be used to secure supplies on a long hike, carry your books across campus or hold your clothing for a few days.  it is the perfect bag for daytrips or weekend trip. A tan sweatshirt and a backpack will add serious style to your casual collection. For maximum impact, complement this outfit with black and white canvas low top sneakers.

Back Pack Men's Fashion

Cross-Body Bag

Keep your belongings safe and sound with a super stylish crossbody bag. In 2020, you will see guys wearing a crossbody bag not only on the runway but also on actual streets. These mini-bags are trending. Eventually, everyone realized function and fashion can be combined. This practical bag is truly convenient when you only need to bring your wallet, mobile phone, and keys (smaller items). Crossbody bags are stylish and casual. Also, the most practical bag on this list. You can pair them with everything from tracksuits to tailored.

Men's Bag Fashion

 Messenger bags

Messenger bags have become a popular fashion icon due to their practicality and functionality. The bag is in classic rectangular shape makes it perfect for handling everything like books, paper or a laptop. They are thick and durable because manufactured with canvas, polyester and nylon. Long lasting and safe for your contents. To look infinitely confident wear a grey crew-neck t-shirt with charcoal chinos.

Messenger Bag Men's Fashion

Hope this helps you select a bag that works well for you. Tell us about your favourite bag in the comments below!

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