Only constant thing bout fashion, Men & Women, is change. It’s always changing for the good, well mostly. The rise of menswear styles has increased over the year, with more boundaries being blurred. Linen Trousers and Chinos are often compared and leave most men confused about what to go with. This article will give you a guide on what style you can opt for, between Linen and Chino trousers.

Linen Trousers

Linen Pants for Men

The trend of linen trousers still follows in 2020 because linen trousers now come in a wider range of fits than what the range was for the last few years. Counter the relaxed fit with tapered legs, turn up hems and drawstring waists, giving the linen trouser look an instant style update.

Opting for colours like earthy tones, dark neutrals, stone, khaki and brown, if you are going for a casual look. Try them as part of a linen suit for a dapper old-timer vibe, but for a modern look, way to wear them is cropped, with sneakers and a plain T-shirt.


Men's Chinos India

Chinos, the epitome of classic wardrobe staple. Chinos can cater to whatever look you want. Somewhere between denim’s casualness and tailored smarts, chinos go up or down depending on what they are paired with. Chinos are excellent to mix things up from time to time. The same upper outfit worn with chinos instead of your jeans will instantly change your overall appearance. Comfortable and stylish, chinos can also help you achieve a smart casual look or a charming professional look.

Chinos are perfect for occasions with ambiguous dress codes, especially the smart casual and business casual styles. Invest in the right cut in classic colours such as khaki, navy and beige which are easy to match with. Or if you want keep it bright, Henry & Smith has a fabulous collection of colourful Chino Pants. Get them, they will never go out of style!

To get a sharp but casual approach, wear chinos with a layered top half T-shirts, overshirts, bomber jackets. But if the occasion calls for smartness, opt for a slimmer fit with a tucked-in T-shirt and a blazer. Tonal points if the colour coordinates, but you can also go for mix-and-match.

Hope we helped you make a decision, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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