Fashion’s an ever-evolving concept. If you pay the slightest attention to what people wear in your office, you’ve surely noticed how men’s business attire has changed over the years. That’s not a bad thing. Being more casual at work breaks the rigid style rules of a suit and tie and gives you more space to express your personality. Men’s office wear is now a lot more stylish and comfortable than ever before.

If you look at the entire history of menswear in Western civilizations, casual professional is a relatively new concept. Up until the early 1960s, men didn’t wear casual clothing to the office, even on Fridays. Casual wear was only worn at home during evenings and weekends. Introduction of casual professional look is quite frankly an ambiguous style.

Casual professional look gives men a room to be elegant and mature but also comfortable. Today, men’s fashion is a lot more than the just being at the office. Men have freedom to build their own personal style. But with so many new styles and trends constantly barraging the fashion world, it can be difficult to keep up with what is appropriate and what should be avoided especially when you wake up early morning, forcing yourself out of bed to get ready for work, can be tough sometimes (pretty often). But its not impossible. You’ll see in this guide that with just a few well-chosen items, you’ll be able to look great whatever your office style might be. Here are few tips and tricks on to style your Chinos and Jeans for the casual-professional look!

Styling Chinos for work!

Chinos can be defined as the combination of a smart trouser made from a more casual material. When tackling chinos, try a few different styles and then invest in your preferred type. Also, select a chino that reflects your personal style and don’t be afraid to play with colors.

Chinos For Men India
  • If you want to project a polished appearance as well as casually sleek, it doesn’t take that much time. Consider pairing a white and blue vertical striped dress shirt with khaki chinos and we are sure you’ll look incredibly stylish. For a relaxed spin, throw in a pair of white leather low top sneakers.
  • Chinos are the ideal pants for a casual professional outfit. Pair a navy chino with grey short sleeve shirt if you wish to look effortlessly casual and stylish. Dark brown leather shoes are the simplest way to bring a touch of polish to your ensemble.
Men's Chino Pants India

Styling Jeans

The backbone of the casual outfit since the 1950s, great fitting jeans can easily be dressed up or toned down and now you can also wear denim in your office. Whatever style you choose, denim is always a safe go-to style that you can wear in many different directions. Casual professional dress code for men is perhaps men’s best chance to express a true sense of personal style.

  • For a laid-back, on-duty look, go for polo fitted t-shirts with dark shades of jeans. One level of formality above the T-shirt, the Polo shirt is another essential in your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong when dressing casually and elegantly, if you combine a premium pair of black jeans with a polo shirt. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a good polo shirt but you do need to make sure that it fits your well.
  • Wear a blue button-down shirt with your blue jeans. The look is unique. Button down shirts with jeans give a fun yet elegant look. Black, navy, white, pink, grey, blue and mouse brown make for perfect button-down shirt colours with blue jeans.Men's Jeans India

That’s is all for now on casual professional looks with Chinos and Jeans, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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