Isn’t a good personality always important? We all want dress sharp and look smart and when it comes to fashion, it seems like we always want more, more, more. We’re here to remind you that it’s about quality, not quantity. Buying costly branded clothes doesn’t make you look good and it’s actually useless. Without the proper knowledge on how to style and carry yourself, you’ll end up looking a fool. Stuck between work and social life, most guys don’t have the time to do a major overhaul. So, check out these very simple and doable fashion hacks for men. These fashion hacks helps you to groom and add versatility in your style.

Roll up your shirt sleeves

Noticing little things let an outfit down like messily rolled shirt sleeves are a prime culprit. Not only they look improper, but they’ll also fail to hold their shape and repeatedly fall down your forearms. For a neat roll deploy the marine’s approach.

  1. Start with your sleeves fully extended and cuffs unbuttoned
  2. Bend the sleeve at the cuff, curl it upward and over itself until it’s inside out
  3. Straighten both the bottom and top of the rolled cuff, ensuring there are no creases
  4. Repeat the process as necessary, gradually folding up to the desired height on your arm.

Use Moisturizer Instead of Hair Gel

We are addicted to pour a lot of gel in our hair. Gel works wonders for us helping style your perfect hairstyle, but have you feel like your hair looks crunchy and unnatural. Gel comes with pitfalls; it may give you permanent setting but makes your hair weak and rough. It can also strip your hair of natural oils leaving you with a dry, damaged mess. Swap it out for hand or face moisturizer. It’ll still give you styling help and holding power while protecting your hair’s natural oils.

Learn to equate color

Don’t go over flashy or dull with your color choices. The color of outfit is what makes it beautiful and stylish. Use neutrals or muted colors t-shirts or shirts when you’re going for dark colored bottoms. Always try to add equilibrium in your outfit color. For example: When wearing navy, it’s generally best to avoid black as it can make your overall look appear overly dark. Instead, use white or beige to lift your appearance.

Level Up Your Footwear

“You can judge a man by his shoes”. The first thing people notice is shoes. Are you still wearing running shoes all the time even when you’re NOT running? Explore other options. So I believe spending money on a good pair of shoes is necessary these days. The color, the pattern, the sole – you don’t want it fussy. Anything fussy may look good now but will look strange very quickly. A pair of quality shoes is one of the best investments to keep in mind its durability and comfort level to wear.

Dress according to occasion

Style is not merely about self-expression, it’s also about being dressed appropriately for your environment. Think of clothes as being codes: you need the right combination to work with the setting you’re in and that’s whether it’s a formal dinner or a lazy Sunday in the pub. The worst style is one which is out of place. Dressing properly according to occasion is a mark of respect for others. Also, about feeling comfortable in you.

Avoid drying your dress shirts and other cotton garments at all costs.

If you dry your shirt in a dryer, the interlining will come loose, and it will create ugly bubbles that look very cheap, and you have to get rid of your shirt because you can’t repair that. If your machine wash your shirts, put it in a higher spin circle that way, you’ll get rid more of the water. Once the wash cycle is done, you take the shirt out, you either air dry it on a hanger, and you shake it out or you simply iron it right away, that way, you have no wrinkles because the moist shirt will create a nice steam and all the wrinkles disappear. That being said, it will take longer if you have a weak iron and it will also use more energy.

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