We usually ponder before wearing a beautifully crafted fragrance, which is the perfume that would complement our personality and outfit the most? We, the people, have a tendency to associate ourselves with the fragrances easily, without knowing its real importance. Wearing fragrance is simple, but carrying it well requires a little more effort and skill. Our fragrances are an incredibly powerful accessory that tends to describe our moods by directly setting up a link between our brain cells and emotions. The moment you smell a thing, your brain starts to draw judgments and record your feelings, just so that if you encounter the same smell again, you get carried away by your first ever experience with it. A lot of people stand in the queue of dilemma while choosing perfumes for themselves or their loved ones. However, certain remarks allow you to rise above all the odds and make a decision in your favor.

Perfume is a primal thing, allows you to eliminate your choices while measuring the weight of its smell on your body. You can easily guess if you’re suited to the idea of lightness if you’re looking forward to something pure and transparent. This allows a person to make a choice invariably of the color or dress he/she wears and choose the one that fits your idea of a comforting smell.

There is a wide range of colognes/fragrances available in the market, from fresh and floral to oriental and woody notes. Some love the idea of all-natural, some all spiced up and heavy, and some who prefer the aromatic and dry. To begin with, talking about these fragrances we must first consider the types of personalities that these smells work best with. These can be associated with classic, relaxed, dramatic, creative, rebellious, feminine and elegant chic personalities, whoever you are there’s something for you.

People who have a classy style, the ones who prefer clean and structured lifestyles, that are always denoted by value and quality. It practices power and refinement with its collared shirts and tailored jackets. You should try the bold blooms like lilies, jasmines, and orchids blend quite nicely among this category of people, giving fresh and floral fragrances with a sultry smooth touch of vanilla.

Moving on, we encounter some relaxed personalities in our day-to-day lives who are characterised as easy going and casual. People who are unceremonious and open folks who love carrying comfortable and practical styling of clothes with whatever they want. You should try some woody and aromatic fragrances that are earthy, sensual, and straightforward with fresh and fragmented notes of citrus along with lavender, burning cedar, or tobacco smoke like smell.

For the ones who like drama, there are several possibilities like seductive, glamorous, minimalistic, striking, or futuristic. These are defined by their bold, mysterious and exciting outfits. They carry a daredevil side with highly demanded attention and a not so engaging personality. However, they are attracted more towards seductive, intense and sensual fragrances like gleaming amber, including spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and animal scents combined with oriental leaves, caramel notes, chocolates, and cappuccinos.

After knowing the little science behind the whole fragrance concept, we can now make better between who we are and the fragrance we choose. Do share with us your new favourites and experiences.

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