Now, finding the best way to style your pink chinos is not a difficult task! All you gotta do is to –

  • pair it with the most neutral color to keep attention on your fitting from butt to toe and there you go!
  • Also, we’d NEVER say NO if you want to mix it with peppy prints! It adds vibrant vibes.

1. Formal Event Look/Cocktail Party Look

Baker miller pink chinos henry & smith

Play it cool to get all eyes on you by simply pair pink chino pants with Voilet colored Blazer + Tan Brown loafers + Hat and Dark Brown Belt + Glasses

2. Office Look/Outdoor business meeting

flamingo pink chinos by henry & smith
Simply pair it with Striped Blazer + solid color Tee/T-shirt . Top it up with a pocket square, which will add some charm to the magic. 

3. Movie date/Bar Hoping/Game Night look

pink chinos by henry & smith
Bring out your inner dapper dude spirit with our pink pants by pairing it up with a solid orange color tee topped with a printed jacket and white sneakers

4. Starbucks/ vacay/ Brunch Look

pink chinos from henry & smith
Style your pink chinos with a white tee shirt overplayed with white denim jacket  + Sneakers + Goggles.

Colours to pair with pink pants

When it comes to bold colors on your bottoms we would suggest you shallow down on your uppers-

color palette

This is it, hope your guys are able to understand how versatile a pair of pink chinos are! We would like to hear your views on Pink Chino Trousers, share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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Fun fact: In 18th Century, Pink was considered to be a masculine color!

Considering the fashion history, men used to wear pink silk suits that had floral embroideries that projected their masculinity and boldness.

Progressing to the early 1900s, the thinking got lost as society changed.

But yet again, in this age of dark lipsticks and extensive hair, pink tends to catch women’s attention as they appear masculine and attractive to them.

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