A belt might seem like an afterthought article of clothing for most guys, but it’s actually a powerful and sophisticated way to put the finishing touches on a great outfit. It helps to elevate a good outfit into a great one. As important an accessory as a Tie or Shoes, a belt doesn’t just hold up your pants or pull in your tummy. It changes your look by creatively matching with your outfit. Different types of belts offer different opportunities to show off your personal style.

Choosing the right waist belt is not a simple matter of practicality or even well-established style rules, but of good taste, too. Well-chosen, they can tie your whole outfit together. If you’re attempting a T-shirt or a Shirt tuck in this summer (which you definitely should), then your belt can be the literal centrepiece of your look.

On the other hand, a mismatched belt will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. If it’s the wrong size, it’ll throw your proportions out. The choice you make with your belt types is critical, as they can define who you are, and what your style mantra is. It becomes imperative for you to choose the right belt for your look, whether it’s formal or casual, night or day. The aim of this guide is to give you some great recommendations on the best belts for men.

Casual Leather Belts

Men's Belt India

Casual leather belts are one of the best ways to break up a separates look. Casual leather belts range from 1.5” to 1.75” and offer more variety in their colour, patterns, and buckle style. Look for a matte or brass buckle or pick a soft suede instead of polished leather. While formal belts should be simple, a casual belt can stand out, reflect your personal tastes (an it should). The most versatile chino colour is undoubtedly navy, which can be worn with black leather belt and tends to work well for more evening functions and is far more versatile.

Woven Belts

Woven belts are a classic, with the ability to make a big impact. One of the niftiest belt types we have today, Woven belts would definitely go for something like the hiking trip or outdoors activities that needs nice and neat, they have a great colour ranges to choose and styles to take. The woven belts own many great characteristics that will surely satisfy even the hardest people. The addition of a woven belt can rescue almost any smart-casual outfit from the tentacles of mediocrity. They can also give a very classic spin when worn with chinos pants. A blue woven belt paired with tonal white chino is ideal for adding a subtle flash of colour and coolness to your look especially for informal and summer vibe look.

Fabric Belts

Men's Belt India

If you want to add an element of fun in your outfit, fabric belts are made for this purpose. If you’re open to experimenting with colours and textures, fabric belts are the way to go. They’re easy to use and maintain, and add an element of fun to your outfit. Canvas and cloth belts are the most commonly used fabric belts, available in all kinds of patterns. The fabric belt texture is such that it easily wraps around your waist, without the stiffness that leather may have. Match your Brown Chinos pants or Khaki Chinos with grey fabric belt for a novel everyday look.

Buckle belts

A buckle belt may be plain or ornate in style. Most belt buckles are made of metal with the colour tones available in silver, gold, copper, and bronze. Whatever tone you pick, it should complement your Shirt and Trousers. For formal looks, the classic framed buckle in matte stainless steel is the preferred way, as it is low key. Pro Tip: Make sure the metal frame colour doesn’t clash with the strap of your watch.

What belt do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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