Office, School, bars, stadiums, movie theatres, restaurants are all closed. You’re home and you need a distraction. From having a week in an office loaded with work to talking non-stop about social distancing, things escalated real quickly. But isn’t it just exciting to be around your family the whole day and still be able to manage your work with? Planning on work from home can be challenging at first but it isn’t that bad of an idea since it gives you the luxury of freedom and flexibility to work in your style and not be surrounded by your co-workers for a change. Considering the recent outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it has led to all of us to work from home or attend classes from home. This also has led to a challenge to stay accountable, collaborative and productive at the same time!

Work From Home

At this time, working from home can be an opportunity for employees to compete with themselves by setting their own guidelines. They could even indulge themselves in speaking with their colleagues (already doing a lot of Zoom/Hangout calls), friends, and relatives since it would help them to feel less alone in their job. Playing music in the background can be yet another distraction and a fun element, as it would keep you interested in your job throughout the day. To not make it monotonous or tedious, employees can also set up their work at different places in the house to feel fresh and new (change is important). Plan your tasks between breaks, who doesn’t love breaks right, in fact we are all used to Tea/Smoke brakes. At home you also have the option of catching up on a YouTube video or Netflix show, that can count as a break but remember to not miss any deadlines because of it. Alternatively, making your own meals for a change is yet another delight to your boredom where you can have a full kitchen at your disposal and can make yourself a delicious fresh salad or whatever you would like to binge on.

Amidst the outbreak, some people are trying out different routines and with no perfect plan. It might be tempting to stay up late and wake up late but keeping a normal sleep schedule is likely to be more productive. One can start the day by doing yoga or meditation and experimenting with different exercises. A way to keep your mind healthy and fit despite the usual humdrum of life can be motivating and thought-provoking. Start writing a journal or blog or even complete puzzles to keep diverse interests at one time. Learning a foreign language or any musical instrument can also be worth spending your time with. You could also try and give time to your hobby, or pick up a new one.

At this point, even the group video platforms are making an expected heroic rise as people continue to stay indoors. For all work calls go for applications like Zoom, Google hangouts and Skype. For catching up with your friends amidst this lockdown period try the Houseparty app (allows you to do a video call and play games with your friends) or Instagram Video Call that allows you to do call and play around with different kind of lens. You could also stick to good old WhatsApp Video Call or FaceTime for a one-on-one call.

Exploring different genres and watching all those long sized movies and series that you’ve been longing to watch is a yet another amazing way to add to your list of things to do. There are endless options when it comes to streaming apps that are updated every month with the newest titles. Looking for exotic and crazy humor, check out Tiger King on Netflix (if you haven’t already), or Money Hesit (4th season starts airing on 3rd April). Also, Disney+ is now available in India, you should check out The Mandalorian series, it’s definitely worth the hype. And if you haven’t seen the marvel movies, this is a good time to catch up on all of them. Other noteworthy shows you can stream are Speacial Ops on Hotstar, Asur on Voot, Sacred Games on Netflix. The list can go on but for now we’ll leave it here and may be you can tell us what you are watching in the comments section below.

The key is to be positive and stay productive. Keep that mind working. Stay home, stay safe everyone!

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