Chinos, an irreplaceable and ultimate antidote to a man’s wardrobe. With vibrant color combinations and complementary styles, chino pants are must-have wardrobe essentials for every man. Chinos pants are simple casual, cotton trousers that draw a thin line between your jeans and dress pants. To begin with, the navy (blue) is one of the versatile and a definite version for a relaxed yet sporty look. However, pieces of blue are never to be kept in brief. Blue chinos carry a wide pack of combinations from pairing them up with a shirt and loafers to t-shirts or trainers, one can go beyond the lines to explore these lines of pairings. One needs to come out of their fashion hibernation if they are not aware of all those shades of blue available in chino pants!

Men's Blue Chinos India

Without a shadow of a doubt, one can dress up Navy Blue Chinos with endless light-colored shirts and t-shirts. The neutral wardrobe styled blue shade makes them an ideal substitution with fancier basics in cool weather.  Even the smartest of shades have a touch of informality which gives a casual and easy to dress look to your clothing. Another option is to go with a denim shirt on the top with navy colored chinos for a young and a modern vibe. Besides that, you can wear them up with a black roll-neck sweater or a grey jacket for a relaxed winter look.

Men's Blue Chinos India

One of the other shades includes midnight blue. When you consider turning your shade of blue for a captivating look, midnight blue is the one that attracts everyone to your attire. Unlike sticking to your old fashion style codes, you could pick out the rarest shades of blue to spice up your look with uniqueness. To put together a relaxed and informal ensemble, you can easily pick a mustard color sweatshirt to go easy and white sneakers for an amazing day look. To infuse a rugged sophistication, one can pull a pink dress shirt to add an elegant twist with midnight blue chinos.

However, the list goes on and on. From coupling these shades of blue with various shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and coats, we have understood a fact that it is easy to put together with shades of blue without spending too much time looking through the wardrobe. This summer, let’s play a game and complete our endless list of pairings with elegant approaches and new getups.

Do let us know your thoughts on how you make the blues work for you!

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