Most people make judgments about us from the clothes we wear, it’s definitely part of the first impression.

The art of Dressing up is much more than what we realize.

  1. It says a lot about an individual’s personality
  2. First impressions are formed on the basis of your style, and as they say, first impression is the last impression
  3. More than anything, it’s a confidence booster. You dress well, you feel good.

The hardest question that needs to be answered when you open your wardrobe is – What Chinos/Pants to match with which shirt?

Let our Style gurus at Henry & Smith decode it for you:

Smart Office Style

Style Advice 1

If you like to go simple, stick to the blacks and grays and you have the regular office look in line.

Style Advice 2

When you want to stand out, make that pitch count, it gets tricky. Pick a pair of pants that is a pastel shade, something like an Origami Peach, Candy Crate Purple or Arctic Blue.  Match these with a black shirt (or a dark tone shirt) and you have a look that’s formal and stands out too. You can take a pick from other colors available at

Note: Make sure you buy the comfiest pair with a Perfect Fit.

fern green chinos for men by Henry & smith
Fern Green Chinos, Paired with Beige Blazer
black pants for men for office
Black jack Chinos

blue chinos & jeans for men for office looks
Cuba Blue Chinos |
Sky crest Blue Jeans

Dress to impress: Date night

colored chino pants for men for party
Party looks with Henry & Smith Chino Pants

This is special, if it’s your First date you want to leave a good impression and if it’s your date night, then you definitely want to let her know you made a special effort to dress up for her or him.

Sometimes, men try too hard to dress and it ultimately results in overdressing.

If you want to give a mature yet fun impression go with Cappu Brown Chinos from Henry & Smith. Pair these with a light shade T-Shirt.

Best Chinos for Date night:

party wear chinos for men
Origami Peach Chinos
dark blue chinos for men
Sailor Blue chinos
dark brown chinos for men
Hickory Brown Chinos

Casual Wear

Olive Chinos are the talk of the town, trendy and perfect for a casual look. Green in Pants is one of the most under-rated color and definitely one of the versatile one.

Tip 1: Darker tones of green, paired up with Classic Black t-shirt. Beige color tshirts or shirt, Light brown shirt or a black and white horizontal strip tshirt would make sure you are noticed.

Tip 2: Classic White Tshirt or Light orange tee, round neck with more unconventional green tones such as Fern Green or Olive green or any other lighter tones of green.

Pro Tip: You should stick to darker color shades for outdoor evening events.

light green casual pants
Olive green Chinos
dark green casual wear pants
Congos Green Chinos

For more Style tips , just drop us a message!

What do you think, Agree or Disagree? Let us know in the comments below. Do let us know if you have tried Henry & Smith Chinos for men, if not, do check it out here: Perfect fit Men Chinos

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