Planning a vacations is an exciting part of the trip. But we all get confused when one question comes to our mind: What to wear? Packing for a vacation isn’t quite relaxing as the vacay itself. Loading a suitcase for your vacation means deciding exactly what you want to wear every day of your trip in advance. Especially for the “extra baggage” people, this process can be slightly distressing. Packing for a trip doesn’t have to be a horrible, dreaded chore. In fact, once you break it down and have a process, you’ll be a stylish, vacay-packer expert in no time.

Picking the right pants for your travel can be a little confusing at times, which pants will pair well with which t-shirt or shirt. And with so many occasions and seasons, there is always a question of what to wear the right thing for the right place. Well, that’s where we come in, we are here to help you plan how to pack the right pants for your vacation!

A pair of Jeans!

Men's Jeans India

A no brainer, Jeans is an essential part of every wardrobe and bag. Every man has a pair of Jeans that he won’t get rid of. Jeans are perfect for a casual look and will work with most T-Shirts or a Shirt. Pick a light shade for a summer vacation. Looking for a new pair of Jeans? Check out Henry & Smith Jeans, raw and rugged just like how a pair of Jeans should be.

Joggers never let you down!

Mens Bottomwear India

Joggers, a type of pants that’s uber-comfortable and carry a trendy look. A pair of joggers provides an easy fit, elasticized waistband with drawstrings and narrowed bottom. This easy-to-wear factor and comfortable fit structure make it a favorite amongst youth. The plain denim joggers are perfect for the casual vibe while the ripped denim joggers can add some funk to it. Pair your joggers with a trendy t-shirt or layer the same with shirt to complete your casual dapper ensemble.                                                   

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants define holiday mood the best. Going for a hike or trek? Go with a pair of cargos. The best bit, some of them have 6 pockets, perfect for all your little accessories.

 Chinos: colourful and trendy for summer holidays! 

Chino Pants Men India

When you want to add excellent style and comfort to you holiday outfits, Chinos are the best. They work well for both, be it a professional trip (Oakdale Grey Chinos) or family & friends holiday (Fern Green Chinos).  The best thing about chinos is their versatility and they can easily blend into different styles. Pick the color that defines your holiday, check out the colorful collection of Chinos from Henry & Smith. 

Let us know what you are packing for your vacation!

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