An explosion of colors and water drenching activities with playful vibes marks the arrival of refreshing festival of India – Holi. One of the most celebrated and insane festivals, flushed with radiant colors and exuberant folks, flames up the madness with the arrival of the spring season. Bright colors fill up the air, coating and covering everybody with the hues of a rainbow. The crazy experiences of this festival can be seen in almost every part of the country, where people descend onto the streets to splash colors, chase their friends and dance to the thunderous beats of drums with uplifted arms, spreading cheerful vibes.

When it comes to fashion, people usually tend to wear old clothes as they can discard them later after the festival. But, Holi fashion no longer sticks to old white outfits. There are a bunch of attractive and flashy colors that will go up perfectly with your festive mood.  While considering the essence of fashion and “to look and feel good”, men can opt for styling up a light embroidered casual kurta with comfortable yet fashionable cotton pants, which is considered as one of the most versatile, festive and enjoyable fabrics for Holi that looks sleek, trendy and stylish best.

There are different colors of pants a man can pick from while dressing up to create an exclusive look, a look that matches your Holi state of mind, like, classic green, cool blue, pink pants and many more.

Pink Chinos India
Green Chinos Men India
Men's Blue Chinos India

These options are perfect for an effortlessly stylish outfit. Lightweight and traditional essence beige kurta with a comfy pair of pants would make you look more rooted. It gives you the freedom to play with variant textures and minimalistic embroidery to add the absolute amount of heaviness to the attire. Blue, as one of the cool and relaxing colors and a flexible option to experiment with, would open up your options a little more. You can choose to wear subtle and loosely fitted blue pants or light blue denim jeans with white tees, or other vibrant color collared kurtas. Besides that, a timeless elegant fit of indo-western leisure would also give a twist like a kurta with a pair of jeans. Loosely fitted kurta or tee with a combination of dark denim would be a classic fashionable outfit to carry a lean and elegant look. Smears of gulal on it and getting drenched in the tranquillity of vibrant colors by the end will be a fun look to pull off that goes with most of the occasions. To strike with a perfect balance of comfort and fashion, one can also decide to wear a dazzling pair of golden floral pants with cotton silk blend plain kurta in bright colors for a winning look.

So, this month, don’t be shy from experimenting with colors, get ready to open up your hearts and explore the most fashionable and stylish yet comfortable outfits to flaunt your colors, that match your Holi mood. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to wear flashy colors and encourage your friends and family into wearing the same.  And do let us know what style worked best for you and your friends.

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