Finding an alternative to our everyday jeans is a challenge. Here is a new and a casual color that you should definitely try and up your style, Olive. Olive Chinos reflect greenish color like the color of green olives (doesn’t get more obvious), which is becoming popular by the day. It is a shade of greenish-brown, a trendy and fairly strong grey-green color.

Men's Green Chinos

Olive can be carried around as a neutral color because of its ability to be worn with so many colors. To give a subtle and sophisticated look you can put it together with smoky warm colors in lighter tones. For an evening out with friends, you can pair it up with darker shades for a little more intensity. For a formal occasion you can pair it with warm blues or a shade of yellow.

To keep to sophisticated and very formal, go for muted colors like dusty rose, gray blue-collar, with beige or ivory.  They are soft and subtle way to show your sense of style. Also, a navy blazer and olive chinos is a popular combination.

Men's Olive Green Chinos

To exhibit your prowess in menswear, you can style up a white crew neck-t-shirt with olive chinos for a laid back look. A tan leopard short sleeve shirt and olive chinos can also be picked for a devastatingly sharp look.

For an added dose of styling, you can pick some accessorise the outfit a little by wearing a brown pair of leather casual boots, black leather derby shoes, or even a black leather low top sneakers to give a heavy look.

Men's Chinos India

Olive chinos can also be accompanied with denim topper too.  It gives a simple yet versatile look. And the classic way is to pair a simple black tee or a white open-collared shirt, it looks lovely as it complements and brings out the olive green color of your chinos pants beautifully.

We think by now you are amazed at how easy it is to pair your Olive Chinos is. If you are looking for a pair of Premium Cotton Olive Chinos, head to Henry & Smith.

Got any suggestions or questions for styling Olive Green Chinos? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get right back to you with a solution!

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