From high school shenanigans to the crime dramas, everyone today is attracted to cool and interesting T.V. shows, whether it is a teen love story on Netflix or a thriller on prime time, and that leads to a good number of characters that we are all obsessed about. The list of shows are not only entertaining but for the most part, pretty representative. Its no wonder how so many people participate in fandoms to dress up as their favourite character. While the drama may have us all continuing to binge, what keeps us truly obsessed about them is that we are emotionally invested in a person’s life.

However, when you put yourself completely in their places, life becomes full of enlightenment and joy. Deep insights pop up while catching something on the street, a comment that your friend makes, a movie, a book, or a poem, etc, anything that drives you more towards your favourite characters. We all want to become like a favourite characters, well we can’t help with that but we can certainly help you look like them. Here are top 4 TV characters you will want to dress up like.

Men's Black Chinos

Harvey Spectre (Suits)

One of the most stylish characters on screen. Harvey Specter likes to pair up his dresses with gray, charcoal, and navy or black suits with white shirts. His character is mostly conveyed through his dressing, where he often, opts for a classic business suit that fits perfectly on his roped shoulders. His outfits demonstrate the firmness in the fabric, creating a powerful but contemporary silhouette. The dialogue he mentions in the beginning- “People respond to how we dress” speaks a lot about how he inspires others. He usually picks a classic approach to fabric choices with intimidation and power-play through razor-sharp chinos and three-piece suits that are tailored with utter precision. Get a black slim fit blazer, with a white shirt and black pants to get his look.

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 Jim Halpert (Office)

Grey Chinos India

Jim Halpert from The Office, is the epitome of the cute guy every girl will fall for.  He is dressing sense is the simplest of all. His outfit speaks of his career as an office worker, simple white shirt with a tie and black or grey chino pants. Pro Tip: To dive right into the character, you better learn how to roll your eyes and always be up for a prank.

Men Grey Chinos India
Men Blue Jeans

Pablo Escobar (Narcos)

Pablo Escobar, likes to keep it cool in a pair of classic fit Jeans. A regular fit shirt (half sleeves), sneakers (preferably white), light washed classic fit Jeans and a relaxed attitude is all you need to be like Pablo Escobar. Learn a bit of Spanish and you are good to go.

Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

Men's Style India

Another popular and one of the funniest characters is Joey Tribbiani. This character, since it’s been 16 years when the last episode aired, is a bit of a classic look compared to trends today. This character though makes the most of everything from bright shirts to regular fitting Jeans or everyday chinos. If you are looking for a pair of Jeans or perfect fitting Chinos visit 

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There are a more fun TV characters, who have a great impact on the way we style ourselves. Tell us about your favourite character and efforts you make to dress up like them.

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