Lightweight dresses and shirts are easy to pick from, but a lightweight pair of pants is where it becomes hard to make a choice. One of the highest rated brands that makes Premium Lightweight Pants for men is Henry & Smith. When it comes to men’s pants, Chinos are undoubtedly a picky and essential option. Since, chinos are made from cotton twill fabric, which typically weighs between seven and ten ounces, are therefore considered lightweight  and are flexible + easy to carry. An easy pick for Summers.

As versatile and fashionable as they appear, these trousers are a must-have for every man’s wardrobe. They not only pair up perfectly for casual looks but also work with smart ensembles and formal looks, making them an elegant item to own. At times, locating a perfect pair of trousers and deciding how to style can be slightly challenging. Chino Pants come in a huge assortment of colors which makes it all slightly trickier. Over the past couple of decades, business-casual is one of the nonsensical dress codes that have emerged as a smart casual American idea to inculcate work culture of inclusivity. Business-casual gradually took over the world, which in today’s era demonstrates creativity in style and enhanced business attire.

Work Wear Chinos For Men

Aiming for something relaxed and unstructured, one can wear a blazer on the top to look less formal than a full suit. A good casual blazer made from boiled or merino wool can give you a more casual and smarter look than a hoodie or a suit coat. Chinos, on the other hand, are a summer staple for men. One can pick from a classic khaki or a navy blue for office wear, vibrantly colored for some seasonal flair or white pair for summer parties. Checkout a range of colorful Chinos from Henry & Smith, premium pants that are comfortable and stylish.

Work Wear Chinos For Men

For a more casual aesthetic, you can opt for chambray and linen shirts tucked inside the perfect fitting chinos for a charming sunny day. For an effortless style, you can pick a tucked in lightweight buttoned-down shirt with leather belt and fitted chinos to give a sharp look. There are wide range colors to pick from, for years people have relied on classic tones of hues for work wear looks. The most versatile chino color is undoubtedly the navy color, which can be worn with a varied set of colors and tend to work even with evening functions along with office wear. Pairing it up with an open-collared shirt with mainly light colors will give you a more refined and formal look. Incorporated green chinos pants with basic color accompaniments like a crisp white-colored shirt with an open casual blazer will give a good sporty yet formal look. Clean, bright and fresh, grey chinos would work incredibly well with various shades of blue and also denim chambray shirts, that are perfect for sunny days, making them more comfortable and contemporary. While the typical black chinos work well white dress shirt, and with earthly colors like dusty browns, rusty khakis, for a novel and elegant look.

Work Wear Chinos For Men

However, these are a list of all the chino pants that are typically characterized by their lighter weight and dress-pant like styles. The best part about them is that they go just about perfect with anything and everything. From office wear to evening functions, they are cool and comfortable. This summer wear your favorite colored pants and share with us your experience of informal yet smart-casual looks.

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