At Henry & Smith, we offer an inspired selection of colours but we still have a sweet spot for grey.

Grey’s neutral hue means you can wear it for any occasion – whether it be for a casual weekend or for a more formal event.

Our Oakdale Grey chino is classic, elegant and offers a sophisticated aesthetic. If any article of clothing deserves to be a wardrobe staple, it is this one.


5 ideas to style your perfect fit Oakdale Grey chinos!

Look 1

For a casual look:

  1. Try pairing an olive field jacket with grey chinos. Both shades will provide an equilibrium of light and dark in your outfit.
  2. Adding light blue athletic shoes to the equation will make for a fabulous look.

Look 2

All time go to look:

  1. Team a white T-shirt with grey chinos for an easy yet awesome look! A combination for any occasion.
  2. On the shoe front, this outfit pairs perfectly with white low top sneakers.

Look 3

To brighten your style & for a more impressionable occasion:

  1. We like this combo of a mustard long sleeve shirt and grey chinos.
  2. If you wish to instantly step up your look with a pair of shoes, introduce dark purple leather brogue boots to this look. 

Look 4

Effortlessly blurring the line between cool and off-duty:

  1. V-neck sweater and grey chinos married together are a sartorial dream.
  2. And if you wish to dress down, why not add black low top sneakers to your look?

Look 5

Another idea for casual wear:

  1. You can pair a charcoal sweatshirt and grey chinos. This will help you look amazing and ready for anything.
  2. Round this off with a pair of black and white canvas low top sneakers

Do you have better ideas to style grey chinos? Great! Please let us know in the comments below.

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