Healthy Recipes

5 easy to make healthy recipes !

Why should only celebrities get to be in the limelight? Are we not proud of the body we own?  Perhaps, most of you often prefer to hear fries or chicken biryani when it comes to food, but apart from that have you ever imagined yourself in a celebrity’s shoe who has never complained about eating spinach or cauliflowers and lentils? Perhaps, answers to these may be a little varied but all along we do realise how important it is to give attention to these green veggies, fish and seafood, broccoli and carrots etc.

Healthy Recipes

However, Great nutrition is a significant piece of living a sound life. Joined with physical movement, your eating routine can assist you with reaching and keeping up a solid weight, decrease your danger of ceaseless sicknesses (like coronary illness and malignancy), and advance your general wellbeing. However, it’s easy to ponder which nourishments are the healthiest. Here are 5 staggeringly sound nourishments that majority of you will surprisingly be excited about-

  • Crispy Baked Falafel

After preheating the oven, drain the chickpeas and add them all to the processor with grated vegetables and required spices. Using your hand, form small sized balls like dough balls and calmly flatten them to give the falafel shape. Prepare the falafel for baking after brushing its top with olive oil. Bake it for 20 minutes and you have your crispy falafel prepared.

Healthy Recipes


  • Epic Vegetarian Tacos

Heat up the pan with oil and add the required vegetables you want in your tacos. Sprinkle them with salt and cumin and stir them well. Stir them a little bit until they are all changed into light brown color. Now separately prepare tortillas in a large pan. Let it heat over the oil base until the bubbles start to develop. Then use a metal spatula to fold the other side in order to create a fold to fill in veggies. After they are turned hard, you can easily fill in the pury to prepare tacos.