For the untamed, aggressive and at the same time for the daper man. Henry & Smith celebrates great craftsmanship, attention to detail, and style before fashion. We pride ourselves in producing high quality merchandise that is classic in style and iconic in its own sense. The garments are manufactured in India. 

As a brand we are about well made, reliable and comfortable clothing offering our customers a discern trend with understated garments. We try to create perfect items with a modern and creative twist – suitable for any occasion.

Striking the exact right balance with Functionality and Style.

Henry & Smith offers a selection of trendy yet simplistic merchandise based on an idea or thought. H & S collections are inspired from great ideas swirling around in brilliant minds. Our collections such Vintage, Urban Trims have gained popularity due to their attention to detail and modern twist.

Our Merchandise philosophy is simple – ” We strive to make sure our products are of highest standard and are offered at a fair price to the customers