Packing the right pants for your holiday!

Planning a vacations is an exciting part of the trip. But we all get confused when one question comes to our mind: What to wear? Packing for a vacation isn’t quite relaxing as the vacay itself. Loading a suitcase for your vacation means deciding exactly what you want to wear every day of your trip in advance. Especially for the “extra baggage” people, this process can be slightly distressing. Packing for a trip doesn’t have to be a horrible, dreaded chore. In fact, once you break it down and have a process, you’ll be a stylish, vacay-packer expert in no time.

Picking the right pants for your travel can be a little confusing at times, which pants will pair well with which t-shirt or shirt. And with so many occasions and seasons, there is always a question of what to wear the right thing for the right place. Well, that’s where we come in, we are here to help you plan how to pack the right pants for your vacation!

A pair of Jeans!

Men's Jeans India

A no brainer, Jeans is an essential part of every wardrobe and bag. Every man has a pair of Jeans that he won’t get rid of. Jeans are perfect for a casual look and will work with most T-Shirts or a Shirt. Pick a light shade for a summer vacation. Looking for a new pair of Jeans? Check out Henry & Smith Jeans, raw and rugged just like how a pair of Jeans should be.

Joggers never let you down!

Mens Bottomwear India

Joggers, a type of pants that’s uber-comfortable and carry a trendy look. A pair of joggers provides an easy fit, elasticized waistband with drawstrings and narrowed bottom. This easy-to-wear factor and comfortable fit structure make it a favorite amongst youth. The plain denim joggers are perfect for the casual vibe while the ripped denim joggers can add some funk to it. Pair your joggers with a trendy t-shirt or layer the same with shirt to complete your casual dapper ensemble.                                                                              

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants define holiday mood the best. Going for a hike or trek? Go with a pair of cargos. The best bit, some of them have 6 pockets, perfect for all your little accessories.

 Chinos: colourful and trendy for summer holidays! 

Chino Pants Men India

When you want to add excellent style and comfort to you holiday outfits, Chinos are the best. They work well for both, be it a professional trip (Oakdale Grey Chinos) or family & friends holiday (Fern Green Chinos).  The best thing about chinos is their versatility and they can easily blend into different styles. Pick the color that defines your holiday, check out the colorful collection of Chinos from Henry & Smith. 

Let us know what you are packing for your vacation!

Pants to match your Holi mood!

An explosion of colors and water drenching activities with playful vibes marks the arrival of refreshing festival of India – Holi. One of the most celebrated and insane festivals, flushed with radiant colors and exuberant folks, flames up the madness with the arrival of the spring season. Bright colors fill up the air, coating and covering everybody with the hues of a rainbow. The crazy experiences of this festival can be seen in almost every part of the country, where people descend onto the streets to splash colors, chase their friends and dance to the thunderous beats of drums with uplifted arms, spreading cheerful vibes.

When it comes to fashion, people usually tend to wear old clothes as they can discard them later after the festival. But, Holi fashion no longer sticks to old white outfits. There are a bunch of attractive and flashy colors that will go up perfectly with your festive mood.  While considering the essence of fashion and “to look and feel good”, men can opt for styling up a light embroidered casual kurta with comfortable yet fashionable cotton pants, which is considered as one of the most versatile, festive and enjoyable fabrics for Holi that looks sleek, trendy and stylish best.

There are different colors of pants a man can pick from while dressing up to create an exclusive look, a look that matches your Holi state of mind, like, classic green, cool blue, pink pants and many more.

Pink Chinos India

Green Chinos Men India

Men's Blue Chinos India

These options are perfect for an effortlessly stylish outfit. Lightweight and traditional essence beige kurta with a comfy pair of pants would make you look more rooted. It gives you the freedom to play with variant textures and minimalistic embroidery to add the absolute amount of heaviness to the attire. Blue, as one of the cool and relaxing colors and a flexible option to experiment with, would open up your options a little more. You can choose to wear subtle and loosely fitted blue pants or light blue denim jeans with white tees, or other vibrant color collared kurtas. Besides that, a timeless elegant fit of indo-western leisure would also give a twist like a kurta with a pair of jeans. Loosely fitted kurta or tee with a combination of dark denim would be a classic fashionable outfit to carry a lean and elegant look. Smears of gulal on it and getting drenched in the tranquillity of vibrant colors by the end will be a fun look to pull off that goes with most of the occasions. To strike with a perfect balance of comfort and fashion, one can also decide to wear a dazzling pair of golden floral pants with cotton silk blend plain kurta in bright colors for a winning look.

So, this month, don’t be shy from experimenting colors, get ready to open up your hearts and explore the most fashionable and stylish yet comfortable outfits to flaunt your colors, that match your Holi mood. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to wear flashy colors and encourage your friends and family into wearing the same.  And do let us know what style worked best for you and your friends.

5 types of Pants for every man!

A good pair of pants completes every outfit. It is imperative for men to take time when shopping for quality pants. Selection of wrong pants can make your outfit look worse regardless of how amazing other clothing items are. Here are a few important types of Pants that a Man should own.


Suit trousers are formal wear which is worn mainly as office wear or for formal occasions. Major go-to colours in suit trousers are black, navy blue and grey. Pair these with Oxfords or loafers. Smart Tip: Go for a pair that’s comfortable for those tedious work days.

Denims are timeless piece

Men's Jeans India

They are a wardrobe staple and definitely your savior. Truly our fashion sense is nothing without jeans and blue denims work in almost every way. Pair your blue denim with white t -shirt for a casual look and adds charm of smartness and sensibility too. The styles that come with it are impeccable and this trademark piece has the ability to keep the desire to dress well intact. Looking for a comfortable pair of Jeans, check out, rugged yet comfortable Jeans for Men.

Track pants: comfortable and relaxed! 

The stretchable fabric of track pants makes it comfortable to wear for casual outings and workouts. This trend is here to stay.  They are available in many colours and versatility that can’t be denied. Mostly appropriate for an off day at home or an outing to your neighborhood supermarket. Don’t be afraid and nail this style with confidence.

Wear the Chinos!

Men's Chino Pants India

The chinos fall in between of khakis and dress pants. They are a step up in the fashion world and a style that’s an all-rounder. Chinos have been a part of fashion world since the 20th century. Chinos give an utter comfort vibe and a smart look for different ocassions. Wear the chinos with your t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers when there is a semi-formal occasion. For premium cotton Chinos check out, they offer perfect fit chinos in a wide range of colors. Chinos look good as both, casual wear or work wear. Smart Tip: Pair your Chinos with a blazer and brogues when you need to attend a business casual meeting.

Cargo pants for road trip!

Looking for a change? It’s a good mantra to live by. Cargo pants are famous for the six pockets that come along with it. The comfort and pockets it provided was the reason why it sold so much, as the trends changed these trousers are not seen on street frequently. Men are moving towards body fit. However, you can still wear as casual wear on boots. Pairing cargos with loose tee is a good choice. Some brands also offer a narrow fit version of these to meet changing demands.

Do you have a pair of these in your wardrobe? Let us know what you think of this piece in the comments below.

Decoding pants for different occasions!

The art of Dressing up is much more than what we realize. It says a lot about an individual’s personality and influences all kinds of impressions. Most of the people make judgements about us from the clothes we wear, it’s definitely part of first impression. Every person tries to look best in what they are wearing, it’s a confidence booster. Dressing is an art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions and dress according to the mood of occasions are really important.

Smart Office Style

Dressing appropriately for office is pretty simple, stick to the blacks and grays and you have the regular office look in line. But when you want to stand out, make that pitch count, it gets tricky. Pick a pair of pants that is a pastel shade, something like an Origami Peach, Candy Crate Purple or Arctic Blue.  Match these with a black shirt (or a dark tone shirt) and you have a look that’s formal and stands out too. You can take a pick from other colors available at Also, it’s very important that your pants are comfortable for the day long activities at the office. Henry & Smith Pants have 3% stretch material and are comfortable.

Men's Trousers India


A First Date: Dress to impress


Chino Pants For Men

First date for everyone is really special and wants to leave a good impression. Sometimes, men try too hard to dress and it will ultimately result as overdressing. Pastels and navy are good for your date if it is.  casual. If you want to give a mature yet fun impression go with Cappu Brown Chinos from Henry & Smith. Pair these with a light shade T-Shirt.

Casual or Party Wear

Olive Chinos are the talk of the town, trendy and perfect for a casual look. For party wear, we suggest, Black Jeans, a safe bet, it is always in fashion and pairing it with a party shirt will make your night exciting enough. Pro Tip: You should stick to a darker color shades for outdoor evening events.

What do you think, Agree or Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

A brief history of Trousers!

Trousers are a piece of clothing that emerged in Central Asia, worn from the waist right till the ankles, wrapping up both legs separately instead of a whole single piece together. Trousers also referred to as pants, were generally used for underwear or shorts; those are similar to the trousers in style but proportions vary. Shorts only come down till the edge of the knee, high or low, depending upon the style of clothing. However, to categorize between the two, trousers were mainly called as long shorts in contexts of formal outfits, whereas the tailored shorts were short trousers, mainly worn in informal events (for sports or casual meetings).

History Of Trousers

The first-ever trousers known to mankind were discovered in western China, belonging to the people of the basin. Trousers were invented since the robes were uncomfortable to wear on the horseback. The clothing when entered the antiquity, was worn by both sexes among central Asia and Iranian people. The ancient Greeks found them ridiculous but eventually marked this culture as an emblem of civilization as the world adopted it to survive the battles.

Despite being worn by both sexes, trousers were known for their masculinity, when women wore long skirts. In the 14th century, trousers became common and were developed into tight fits. However, by the end of 15th-century trousers became voluminous, ballooning on the thighs and squeezing at the ankles. It was only during the 19th century, these tight trousers which we wear today were started and worn in neutral colors. Women started wearing them for horse riding with long skirts on the top. They carried it further for leisure activities as they were a safer pair of clothing which gave freedom of movement and were unlikely to get caught up in wheels.

As the beginning of modernization, pantaloons became fashionable, with supplanted breeches s streetwear fashion, which was mainly worn by young boys and schoolboys for sports purposes. Pit brown girls started wearing trousers with skirts on the top to their work in coal mines as it involved manual labor work including sorting and shoveling of coals. They rolled them up to their waists to keep up with flexible movements. Yet, despite the increasing trends, trousers weren’t considered agreeable women’s attire until the latter half of the 19th century. However, as per the trends followed in the mid-20 century, trousers have been increasingly worn by women as well. There were different types of them such as dress pants, jeans, khakis, leggings, sweatpants, etc, that later came to be known and increased with popularity. For example, there are jeans, typically made from denim and dungaree clothing, khaki – a light shade of brown with yellowish tinge pants usually worn by the policemen. Chinos cloth originally made of cotton and also found in synthetic blends. Sweatpants, on the other hand, are a casual variety of pants that are worn for comfort and athletic purposes and are called as joggers or tracksuit bottoms in different countries of the world.

What style works for you? Tell us about your favorite pair of pants!

Work Wear Chinos For Men!

Lightweight dresses and shirts are easy to pick from, but a lightweight pair of pants is where it becomes hard to make a choice. One of the highest rated brands that makes Premium Lightweight Pants for men is Henry & Smith. When it comes to men’s pants, Chinos are undoubtedly a picky and essential option. Since, chinos are made from cotton twill fabric, which typically weighs between seven and ten ounces, are therefore considered lightweight  and are flexible + easy to carry. An easy pick for Summers.

As versatile and fashionable as they appear, these trousers are a must-have for every man’s wardrobe. They not only pair up perfectly for casual looks but also work with smart ensembles and formal looks, making them an elegant item to own. At times, locating a perfect pair of trousers and deciding how to style can be slightly challenging. Chino Pants come in a huge assortment of colors which makes it all slightly trickier. Over the past couple of decades, business-casual is one of the nonsensical dress codes that have emerged as a smart casual American idea to inculcate work culture of inclusivity. Business-casual gradually took over the world, which in today’s era demonstrates creativity in style and enhanced business attire.

Work Wear Chinos For Men

Aiming for something relaxed and unstructured, one can wear a blazer on the top to look less formal than a full suit. A good casual blazer made from boiled or merino wool can give you a more casual and smarter look than a hoodie or a suit coat. Chinos, on the other hand, are a summer staple for men. One can pick from a classic khaki or a navy blue for office wear, vibrantly colored for some seasonal flair or white pair for summer parties. Checkout a range of colorful Chinos from Henry & Smith, premium pants that are comfortable and stylish.

Work Wear Chinos For Men

For a more casual aesthetic, you can opt for chambray and linen shirts tucked inside the perfect fitting chinos for a charming sunny day. For an effortless style, you can pick a tucked in lightweight buttoned-down shirt with leather belt and fitted chinos to give a sharp look. There are wide range colors to pick from, for years people have relied on classic tones of hues for work wear looks. The most versatile chino color is undoubtedly the navy color, which can be worn with a varied set of colors and tend to work even with evening functions along with office wear. Pairing it up with an open-collared shirt with mainly light colors will give you a more refined and formal look. Incorporated green chinos pants with basic color accompaniments like a crisp white-colored shirt with an open casual blazer will give a good sporty yet formal look. Clean, bright and fresh, grey chinos would work incredibly well with various shades of blue and also denim chambray shirts, that are perfect for sunny days, making them more comfortable and contemporary. While the typical black chinos work well white dress shirt, and with earthly colors like dusty browns, rusty khakis, for a novel and elegant look.

Work Wear Chinos For Men


However, these are a list of all the chino pants that are typically characterized by their lighter weight and dress-pant like styles. The best part about them is that they go just about perfect with anything and everything. From office wear to evening functions, they are cool and comfortable. This summer wear your favorite colored pants and share with us your experience of informal yet smart-casual looks.

What to wear during Summers?

When it’s about fashion and clothes, Summer is fun and people love experimenting with new styles. Making smart fashion choices in Summer can be tricky. For men, this is the perfect time to choose easy, comfortable, lightweight styles that make you feel good and are versatile. We are to up your Summer fashion game!

To start with, you need to figure out certain things like what’ll keep you cool and what pieces go well together. You may have a load of summer clothes in your wardrobe, but if they don’t go well together, things just won’t look good. In fall, winter and spring, you can have a lot of fun with layers, but in summer, wearing more than one layer can have you sweating like a roasted pig. Always remember, you want to dress well, but you also want to stay comfortable.


Probably the one garment most associated with summer are shorts. Everybody has a pair of shorts, but few known how to pull them off with style. So, what you should remember about shorts, and this should be obvious, is that they are casual by nature and is the perfect option to wear in summer. You can keep your colour choices simple with shorts but shorts give you a great opportunity to have some fun with colour, we suggest you make the most of it. They’re so casual, you can easily get away with louder colours and even prints. If you are going to wear loud shorts though, wear it with something neutral to balance the outfit. Perfect for a Sunday brunch or casual hang out scene with your friend. Tip, pair your shorts with white sneakers for that brunch. Men-Shorts-Summer Fashion


Linen Shirts

Lines Shirts define summer style in two ways, comfortable and cool. When the heat and humidity come in like a tidal wave, you have to start thinking strategically about not only what you’ll choose to wear but what it’s made out of. Linen is one of the best warm weather fabrics because it’s thin and breathes very well. On humid days, ditch the thick cotton and incorporate a linen shirt. Depending on how you style them, they’ll work perfectly for formal and casual wear both.

Linen Shirt for Men India



Chino Pants, are perfect Summer, they are lightweight, comfortable and you can have fun styling it. A men’s wardrobe must have a few pairs of Chinos for the Summer. Picking colors is easy if you check the range of options at Henry & Smith make perfect fitting Chino Pants for men, the color options available here can accommodate all kinds occasions. Be it office wear, a party or a date, they have a color for every occasion. A tip, try the fern green or the origami peach. Two options that’ll keep your style game top among your friends.


Here’s what we think are a few options that’ll keep you Summer fashion cool, let us know what you are wearing this Summer in the comments below.

Chinos vs Linen Trousers. What to Pick?

Only constant thing bout fashion, Men & Women, is change. It’s always changing for the good, well mostly. The rise of menswear styles has increased over the year, with more boundaries being blurred. Linen Trousers and Chinos are often compared and leave most men confused about what to go with. This article will give you a guide on what style you can opt for, between Linen and Chino trousers.

Linen Trousers

Linen Pants for Men

The trend of linen trousers still follows in 2020 because linen trousers now come in a wider range of fits than what the range was for the last few years. Counter the relaxed fit with tapered legs, turn up hems and drawstring waists, giving the linen trouser look an instant style update.

Opting for colours like earthy tones, dark neutrals, stone, khaki and brown, if you are going for a casual look. Try them as part of a linen suit for a dapper old-timer vibe, but for a modern look, way to wear them is cropped, with sneakers and a plain T-shirt.


Men's Chinos India

Chinos, the epitome of classic wardrobe staple. Chinos can cater to whatever look you want. Somewhere between denim’s casualness and tailored smarts, chinos go up or down depending on what they are paired with. Chinos are excellent to mix things up from time to time. The same upper outfit worn with chinos instead of your jeans will instantly change your overall appearance. Comfortable and stylish, chinos can also help you achieve a smart casual look or a charming professional look.

Chinos are perfect for occasions with ambiguous dress codes, especially the smart casual and business casual styles. Invest in the right cut in classic colours such as khaki, navy and beige which are easy to match with. Or if you want keep it bright, Henry & Smith has a fabulous collection of colourful Chino Pants. Get them, they will never go out of style!

To get a sharp but casual approach, wear chinos with a layered top half T-shirts, overshirts, bomber jackets. But if the occasion calls for smartness, opt for a slimmer fit with a tucked-in T-shirt and a blazer. Tonal points if the colour coordinates, but you can also go for mix-and-match.

Hope we helped you make a decision, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Keep the Belt game on point!

A belt might seem like an afterthought article of clothing for most guys, but it’s actually a powerful and sophisticated way to put the finishing touches on a great outfit. It helps to elevate a good outfit into a great one. As important an accessory as a Tie or Shoes, a belt doesn’t just hold up your pants or pull in your tummy. It changes your look by creatively matching with your outfit. Different types of belts offer different opportunities to show off your personal style.

Choosing the right waist belt is not a simple matter of practicality or even well-established style rules, but of good taste, too. Well-chosen, they can tie your whole outfit together. If you’re attempting a T-shirt or a Shirt tuck in this summer (which you definitely should), then your belt can be the literal centrepiece of your look.

On the other hand, a mismatched belt will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. If it’s the wrong size, it’ll throw your proportions out. The choice you make with your belt types is critical, as they can define who you are, and what your style mantra is. It becomes imperative for you to choose the right belt for your look, whether it’s formal or casual, night or day. The aim of this guide is to give you some great recommendations on the best belts for men.

Casual Leather Belts

Men's Belt India

Casual leather belts are one of the best ways to break up a separates look. Casual leather belts range from 1.5” to 1.75” and offer more variety in their colour, patterns, and buckle style. Look for a matte or brass buckle or pick a soft suede instead of polished leather. While formal belts should be simple, a casual belt can stand out, reflect your personal tastes (an it should). The most versatile chino colour is undoubtedly navy, which can be worn with black leather belt and tends to work well for more evening functions and is far more versatile.

Woven Belts

Woven belts are a classic, with the ability to make a big impact. One of the niftiest belt types we have today, Woven belts would definitely go for something like the hiking trip or outdoors activities that needs nice and neat, they have a great colour ranges to choose and styles to take. The woven belts own many great characteristics that will surely satisfy even the hardest people. The addition of a woven belt can rescue almost any smart-casual outfit from the tentacles of mediocrity. They can also give a very classic spin when worn with chinos pants. A blue woven belt paired with tonal white chino is ideal for adding a subtle flash of colour and coolness to your look especially for informal and summer vibe look.

Fabric Belts

If you want to add an element of fun in your outfit, fabric belts are made for this purpose. If you’re open to experimenting with colours and textures, fabric belts are the way to go. They’re easy to use and maintain, and add an element of fun to your outfit. Canvas and cloth belts are the most commonly used fabric belts, available in all kinds of patterns. The fabric belt texture is such that it easily wraps around your waist, without the stiffness that leather may have. Match your Brown Chinos pants or Khaki Chinos with grey fabric belt for a novel everyday look.Men's Belt India

Buckle belts

A buckle belt may be plain or ornate in style. Most belt buckles are made of metal with the colour tones available in silver, gold, copper, and bronze. Whatever tone you pick, it should complement your Shirt and Trousers. For formal looks, the classic framed buckle in matte stainless steel is the preferred way, as it is low key. Pro Tip: Make sure the metal frame colour doesn’t clash with the strap of your watch.

What belt do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below.

Style up, like your favourite character!

From high school shenanigans to the crime dramas, everyone today is attracted to cool and interesting T.V. shows, whether it is a teen love story on Netflix or a thriller on prime time, and that leads to a good number of characters that we are all obsessed about. The list of shows are not only entertaining but for the most part, pretty representative. Its no wonder how so many people participate in fandoms to dress up as their favourite character. While the drama may have us all continuing to binge, what keeps us truly obsessed about them is that we are emotionally invested in a person’s life.

However, when you put yourself completely in their places, life becomes full of enlightenment and joy. Deep insights pop up while catching something on the street, a comment that your friend makes, a movie, a book, or a poem, etc, anything that drives you more towards your favourite characters. We all want to become like a favourite characters, well we can’t help with that but we can certainly help you look like them. Here are top 4 TV characters you will want to dress up like.

Harvey Spectre (Suits)Men's Black Chinos


One of the most stylish characters on screen. Harvey Specter likes to pair up his dresses with gray, charcoal, and navy or black suits with white shirts. His character is mostly conveyed through his dressing, where he often, opts for a classic business suit that fits perfectly on his roped shoulders. His outfits demonstrate the firmness in the fabric, creating a powerful but contemporary silhouette. The dialogue he mentions in the beginning- “People respond to how we dress” speaks a lot about how he inspires others. He usually picks a classic approach to fabric choices with intimidation and power-play through razor-sharp chinos and three-piece suits that are tailored with utter precision. Get a black slim fit blazer, with a white shirt and black pants to get his look.

Men's Fashion India


 Jim Halpert (Office)

Grey Chinos India

Jim Halpert from The Office, is the epitome of the cute guy every girl will fall for.  He is dressing sense is the simplest of all. His outfit speaks of his career as an office worker, simple white shirt with a tie and black or grey chino pants. Pro Tip: To dive right into the character, you better learn how to roll your eyes and always be up for a prank.

Men Grey Chinos India


Pablo Escobar (Narcos)Men Blue Jeans

Pablo Escobar, likes to keep it cool in a pair of classic fit Jeans. A regular fit shirt (half sleeves), sneakers (preferably white), light washed classic fit Jeans and a relaxed attitude is all you need to be like Pablo Escobar. Learn a bit of Spanish and you are good to go.

Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

Men's Style India


Another popular and one of the funniest characters is Joey Tribbiani. This character, since it’s been 16 years when the last episode aired, is a bit of a classic look compared to trends today. This character though makes the most of everything from bright shirts to regular fitting Jeans or everyday chinos. If you are looking for a pair of Jeans or perfect fitting Chinos visit 

Men's Jeans India

There are a more fun TV characters, who have a great impact on the way we style ourselves. Tell us about your favourite character and efforts you make to dress up like them.