Get the perfect haircut that complements your face structure!

We’ve all experienced awful hairstyles. Simply take a glance at the ’80s. Most men will take a look at a superstar they respect and ask the beautician or hairdresser to redesign the trim on their head. Unfortunately, it’s not generally this simple. Because you enjoyed Tom Cruise’s hair in Top Gun, doesn’t mean it will […]

5 easy to make healthy recipes !

Why should only celebrities get to be in the limelight? Are we not proud of the body we own?  Perhaps, most of you often prefer to hear fries or chicken biryani when it comes to food, but apart from that have you ever imagined yourself in a celebrity’s shoe who has never complained about eating […]

Most Awaited Car launches for 2020!

The auto market is going through a rough phase but that hasn’t stopped the manufacturers from launching new cars. Cars from different manufacturers are launching giving the existing cars a tough competition. Here are the most-awaited new cars in India for the year 2020. Mercedes- Benz GLB Mercedes-Benz GLB, the seven-seat SUV is expected to […]

7 easy to do at Home Exercises!

Coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of lifestyle changes for every one around the world. Fitness centres, gyms and workout studios are all shut and have led to a significant rise to online workout stations, people are left with no choice but to work out at home. With the lockdown situation, the sedentary behaviour […]

Shows and Movies you should watch out for in April!

The world is only dominated by bad news as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its tear across the world. With so many of us stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone is dealing with the question – what do we do in the times of “Social Distancing”? Though the times are not cheerful, we […]