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50% Nice, 50% Naughty - 100% Stylish. Four stylish outfits for Halloween!

For many, Halloween is scary for reasons other than the spiritual celebrations. Styling costumes for Halloween can be a task, for which most aren’t ready for. Here are four film characters to take inspiration from 


No matter what, this Batman villain always seems to scare everyone to the core. This year, Joker costume will be a popular one, thanks to the new Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie! To stand out, make sure your make up game is on point!
The Costume: Green Shirt + Orange Jacket with Orange Trousers to go with Heavy Makeup. 
PROTIP- Dye your hair green with some chalk, always have a cigarette in hand and you will have the last laugh!


V from "V for Vendetta" is a no brainer. The classic option for a Halloween outfit! Get out there in black and remember “there is no certainty, only opportunity.”
The Costume: All Black - Hat, Shirt, Cape and Trousers. And the mask!
PROTIP- Learn “Remember Remember the fifth of November” speech by heart and voraciously vin hearts 
The Black Jack Stretch Washed Men Chinos

Cliff Booth

Obsessed with Quentin Tarantino? Dress up as Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) and raise the style quotient of your Halloween party! 
The Costume: Yellow Shirt (keep it unbuttoned), White Tee and Orion Pax Dark Grey Denims

Steve Jobs

The  technology visionary had a very unique style. It’s pretty simple and not a difficult one to pull together, and will surely get you instantly recognized at your Halloween party. 
The Costume: Pair of men’s blue jeans, black long-sleeve turtleneck, round frame glasses, white sneakers (cherry on top - your iPhone).

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