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Cheetos Yellow - What the FUN!

As a child, you might have seen your dad and grand-dad dressing up in pleated pants for work. But you, my pal, don’t have to – it’s just not the norm anymore! You being a Millennial need a BIG-BOLD-FLASHY and a committed (to butt) bottom-wear! (Obviously, we don’t want them to sag)

So, the wait’s over! We are here to escalate your sacred style games, by helping you crack codes on how to pair your (committed) chinos by Henry and Smith!

 Cheetos Yellow Chinos, it’s all about fun and to add little sparkle wherever you go! This color reflects that you’re happiest person on the planet Earth. Pairing Cheetos yellow chinos is a sure thing if you’re willing to get all eyes on you!

Occasions to try it on -

 Friday Dressing, Pool Parties,  Airport looks, Cocktail parties, boys game night, bachelor's party, Vacation (or Stay-cation),  Honey-mooning (or spooning), we should stop right here because we feel, it's endless.

Color palette

When it comes to bold colors on your bottoms we would suggest you to scroll down - 

#LIT-AF Style Guide




Stop! Scrolling! NOW! We're done here. LOL. Hope you've enjoyed. Wait, you think you know better, share it in the comment sections. 

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