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International Men’s Day at Henry and Smith!

We asked men about their favorite colors and the results will surprise you

It’s not the most anticipated day but it’s definitely the most underrated one. After all, what would we do without men? They are the ones making life easier (and tougher) for all of us!

Henry and Smith has always broken men stereotypes and encouraged men to be men.

The entire spirit of Henry and Smith has always been finding the color that defines you and lets you be the unapologetic version of yourself. One chino at a time.

So, we decided to talk about something that has been an issue for time immemorial- “Girly” and “feminine” colors! What are these colors? Colors don’t discriminate, Colors don’t Judge. 

No blue for boys, and no pink for girls. There are a million colors in the crayon box, and every color belongs to you.

Just like Coco Chanel said-“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” So here we are, celebrating men and their choices, their freedom and their colors.

It’s not about the colour, it’s about the way you rock them! 


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