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The Right Way To Celebrate Diwali

A brighter and better Diwali- Henry and Smith celebrates Diwali with a twist

 What makes Diwali, Diwali?

This question was asked by Henry and Smith this year.  

Every Diwali, every office goes through the same old routine of office parties, group celebrations and get togethers. Everybody buys those toxic crackers, those boxes of sweets and the day is lit.

At Henry and Smith, everyone is crazy about dogs. They love their furried friends! The brand believes loves these awesome pawsome creatures. In fact one of the coolest things about the brand is Henry & Smith X Leela’s Place Foundation.

For every chino they sell, they give 5 rs to this organisation to ensure these dogs continue being taken well care of.

Leela’s place foundation today is home to 110 abandoned and abused pets. They are taken care of, and rehabilitated

Leela Place:

So they wanted to make it a happier and better diwali for these fur balls.

Diwali is traumatic for most animals, especially the ones on the streets. Days after the event their eyes hurt,they cannot breathe and in some cases they die of heart attacks and ailments.

Their hearing is 6x times louder than us, which means their ears could literally explode when a cracker goes off next to them! They are constantly in lookout for safe places to curl themselves into and hope all this goes away. Apart from this, is the cruelty they are subjected to. People think it’s  fun to light firecrackers on their tails, to scare them and torment them

So Henry And Smith wanted everybody to embrace this diwali as a safer one for these dogs. The campaign in partnership with Leela’s Place was all about having an alternative diwali and bringing onboard man’s best friend into festivities.

There is no greater joy than a happy puppy playing around you,and that’s  what the brand believed and pursued! You can do it! Do not burst crackers and spread pollution, rather make it a diwali that counts. Henry and Smith cracked the answer- what makes Diwali, Diwali is the time you spend with your loved ones.

Happy Diwali everyone! Let’s make it a pawsome one

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