How often to wash your Chino Pants and
other care questions answered?


1) It’s best to wash pants in Cold water, no Warm water. Warm water can hasten dye loss.
2) Turn them inside out to reduce fading and protect the buttons and hardware. This minimizes the friction from rubbing
against other clothing, which can break their fibers.

Don’t forget to also close zippers and fasten any hooks.

3. Do not use bleach or whitening agents in wash, such as Vanish or Ujaala
4. Please note, too much soap can leave a streaky residue on dark clothing.
5. In machine wash, select short gentle cycle and let them air-dry (line dry) to prevent shrinking.


6. If possible dry in shaded area, not in direct sunlight.
7. Make sure your trousers are soft-pressed. Over-pressing creates unsightly shine marks and will shorten the life of the garment.