Style up, like your favourite character!

From high school shenanigans to the crime dramas, everyone today is attracted to cool and interesting T.V. shows, whether it is a teen love story on Netflix or a thriller on prime time, and that leads to a good number of characters that we are all obsessed about. The list of shows are not only entertaining but for the most part, pretty representative. Its no wonder how so many people participate in fandoms to dress up as their favourite character. While the drama may have us all continuing to binge, what keeps us truly obsessed about them is that we are emotionally invested in a person’s life.

However, when you put yourself completely in their places, life becomes full of enlightenment and joy. Deep insights pop up while catching something on the street, a comment that your friend makes, a movie, a book, or a poem, etc, anything that drives you more towards your favourite characters. We all want to become like a favourite characters, well we can’t help with that but we can certainly help you look like them. Here are top 4 TV characters you will want to dress up like.

Harvey Spectre (Suits)Men's Black Chinos


One of the most stylish characters on screen. Harvey Specter likes to pair up his dresses with gray, charcoal, and navy or black suits with white shirts. His character is mostly conveyed through his dressing, where he often, opts for a classic business suit that fits perfectly on his roped shoulders. His outfits demonstrate the firmness in the fabric, creating a powerful but contemporary silhouette. The dialogue he mentions in the beginning- “People respond to how we dress” speaks a lot about how he inspires others. He usually picks a classic approach to fabric choices with intimidation and power-play through razor-sharp chinos and three-piece suits that are tailored with utter precision. Get a black slim fit blazer, with a white shirt and black pants to get his look.

Men's Fashion India


 Jim Halpert (Office)

Grey Chinos India

Jim Halpert from The Office, is the epitome of the cute guy every girl will fall for.  He is dressing sense is the simplest of all. His outfit speaks of his career as an office worker, simple white shirt with a tie and black or grey chino pants. Pro Tip: To dive right into the character, you better learn how to roll your eyes and always be up for a prank.

Men Grey Chinos India


Pablo Escobar (Narcos)Men Blue Jeans

Pablo Escobar, likes to keep it cool in a pair of classic fit Jeans. A regular fit shirt (half sleeves), sneakers (preferably white), light washed classic fit Jeans and a relaxed attitude is all you need to be like Pablo Escobar. Learn a bit of Spanish and you are good to go.

Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

Men's Style India


Another popular and one of the funniest characters is Joey Tribbiani. This character, since it’s been 16 years when the last episode aired, is a bit of a classic look compared to trends today. This character though makes the most of everything from bright shirts to regular fitting Jeans or everyday chinos. If you are looking for a pair of Jeans or perfect fitting Chinos visit 

Men's Jeans India

There are a more fun TV characters, who have a great impact on the way we style ourselves. Tell us about your favourite character and efforts you make to dress up like them.

Pick Olive Green this Summer!

Finding an alternative to our everyday jeans is a challenge. Here is a new and a casual color that you should definitely try and up your style, Olive. Olive Chinos reflect greenish color like the color of green olives (doesn’t get more obvious), which is becoming popular by the day. It is a shade of greenish-brown, a trendy and fairly strong grey-green color.

Olive can be carried around as a neutral color because of its ability to be worn with so many colors. To give a subtle and sophisticated look you can put it together with smoky warm colors in lighter tones. For an evening out with friends, you can pair it up with darker shades for a little more intensity. For a formal occasion you can pair it with warm blues or a shade of yellow.Men's Green Chinos

To keep to sophisticated and very formal, go for muted colors like dusty rose, gray blue-collar, with beige or ivory.  They are soft and subtle way to show your sense of style. Also, a navy blazer and olive chinos is a popular combination.

Men's Olive Green Chinos

To exhibit your prowess in menswear, you can style up a white crew neck-t-shirt with olive chinos for a laid back look. A tan leopard short sleeve shirt and olive chinos can also be picked for a devastatingly sharp look.

For an added dose of styling, you can pick some accessorise the outfit a little by wearing a brown pair of leather casual boots, black leather derby shoes, or even a black leather low top sneakers to give a heavy look.

Men's Chinos India


Olive chinos can also be accompanied with denim topper too.  It gives a simple yet versatile look. And the classic way is to pair a simple black tee or a white open-collared shirt, it looks lovely as it complements and brings out the olive green color of your chinos pants beautifully.

We think by now you are amazed at how easy it is to pair your Olive Chinos is. If you are looking for a pair of Premium Cotton Olive Chinos, head to Henry & Smith.

Got any suggestions or questions for styling Olive Green Chinos? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get right back to you with a solution!

The right way to pair you Chinos with Shoes!

Like everything else in the wardrobe, every man faces a dilemma while coordinating shoes with their trousers. As much as the pairing shoes and pants color may seem inherent, coordinating them with the right color pants is equally baffling. We occasionally tend to fall into common pitfalls and end up pairing the wrong shade of trousers with our shoes. Shoe-pant color matching, likewise the other aspects in menswear has emerged as less rigid, which is the simplest and the hardest thing about getting dressed every day. To fill this need, we have generated an exclusive guide to help you comfortably coordinate shoes with any kind of bottomwear.

To begin with one of the contemporary styles which will never go out of fashion is the color blue, the most preferred color when it comes to Men’s Trousers/Pants. The ultimate option for day to day events and casual evening parties, black is always considered to be the foundation for creating exclusive looks. While dressing up for a special occasion, black gives you a picture-perfect look, with a complete package of an amazing collection. Somewhere between beige and brown shoe color would give it a versatile look while pairing with Blue Chinos pants. As a casual look, they can also be combined with light grey shoes, perhaps with a light-colored shirt. Dark enough for a professional look, light enough for the day, and flexible enough to be worn for casual dates, blue is a necessary staple to get by in the world. For a pair ofDenim Jeans,  pair them up with dark brown, grey, or tan-colored shoes, they look amazing irrespective of the season you wear them in.


Men's Chinos India


Grey chinos are perfect vessels for navy blue shoes. This combination would look even more charming when paired with khaki or black shoes. If you want to avoid a professional look, go for Back Sneakers with Grey Chinos for a smart casual look. Not only the combo offers uniqueness but it is just as charming as other seasonal trends.

Men's Grey Chinos India

Green (in Chinos) is a great color for summer. As a casual color for trousers, it can be paired with navy blue shoes or khakis can pull an amazing summertime look. For a casual pairing, green chinos can be worn with polo t-shirts that are kept to semi-social event.

Men's Green Chinos India

This summer grab your favourite pair of shoes with attractive chinos and get ready to shine in your style. Also, do tell us how you pair your shoes with your outfits.

Top Ten Trouser colours for Men!

We are all influenced by colors every day (in some way or the other). The colour is the first thing that most people notice when they meet other people, colors say a lot more about a person than we realise.  The general idea is that bright colors reflects happiness and adds positive vibes to one while the dark colours reflect how intense a person’s life is, this is a very broad perspective but true when colors are decoded. The choice that we make while selecting the colour combination depicts the image that we want to display.

When it’s about Pants for men, picking colors can be slightly tricky, here are the top ten colors that work really well for men.


Black Chinos For Men India

Black is always in style and the colour to be in. It is one of those contemporary styles that will never go out of fashion, a popular among people from all ages. Black Chinos or pants are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, as they work well for most occasions. Black trousers can be the ultimate option for day to day events till an integral business casual.

You can always pair your black trousers with a light colour t-shirt for casual look or a shirt for formal occasions.


Pink Chinos For Men India

Pink is a colour which evokes the emotions of youthfulness, love, romance, and supportiveness. Bright white top and Pink pants is a breezy combination for outdoor summer events. Though, we should note that Pink is not for everyone, you have to feel confident within to pull it off well. Pro Tip: Match your sneaker with the color of your T-Shirt for a trendy look.


Grey Pants for Men India

You can never go wrong with grey. It is truly a one of a kind colours that goes well with all men. Whether you are skinny, fit or healthy- your grey trousers know how to carry you really well. Good news for those obsessed with this colour is that this is one of the colors that can be matched well with other shades of the same color. A dark top wear and Grey Chinos with formal shoes and you are all set for your meeting, a no brainer when it’s about work wear.

Maroon (A shade of Red)

Maroon Pants Men India

It has a bold look but wearing it can also be incredibly stylish. After all, the attention-grabbing colors creates quite the fashion statement. As such, Maroon trousers are perfect for men who like to stand. Styling red pants can be tricky, but that’s what we are here for. The technique to pulling them off is to partner them with complementary garments that won’t fight for attention. To do so, try sticking to a neutral colour palette. Both white and black work well with red, as do cream and grey.


White Pants For Men India

White is an irreplaceable colour which you would love to wear for very selective occasions. White trousers work incredibly well with various shades of red and also denim chambray shirts. It is perfect for sunny days that require a cool sartorial arrangement.


Green Pants for Men India


For warm weekends, green trousers are great to opt for. This and another shade of green, olive green, perfectly complements the white and all shades of grey. And because of that you can combine it with neutral tones of T-shirts and sneakers. Also, muted tones of green match well in combination with light shades of beige colour. This is a great, earthy colour that offsets white nicely, but can be effectively paired with darker shades, too.

 Classic Navy

Blue Trousers For Men India

Navy trousers are essential in every mans’ wardrobe. Navy adds an element of “smart casual” in your style. Without a shadow of a doubt, navy is one of the most important color in menswear category. It’s endlessly versatile, it’s flattering and it’s exceptionally easy to get right. Dress it up, dress it down, or even build an entire outfit from it. Make a dark green bomber jacket and navy trouser your outfit choice if you want to look casual and cool effortlessly. Pair black low top sneakers to the equation to switch things up.


Khaki Chinos Men

It’s a light colour, a subtle shade of brown. It’s ideal for casual occasions such as day out with friends or going for a drink with friends. The best pairing option for Khaki Chinos is a navy shirt or a simply black tee. Inject an extra dose of sophistication into your getup by slipping into a pair of dark brown leather loafers. Other options, they are excellent to wear with with dark blue, red and dark grey coloured shirt or sweater from lightweight material and sneakers or casual shoes.


Cream Pants for Men India

A pair of cream pants are one of menswear’s most underrated items and they are something that you can seldom forget. This color adds style, confidence and charisma to your personality. A colour for the soul these trousers is adored by men from different parts of the world. This is the reason why there are several brands that have launched their exclusive collection of Cream pants, some of them are limited edition too. Pair them with any solid dark color on top and black sneakers for a smart-casual look.


Purple Pants For Men India

One of the edgier colors as far as Men’s Fashion is concerned. This color is easy to pull off with White Shirt for formal looks. Adds traits of fun to your personality. For a summer day outing pair your Purple Chinos with a light tee and white sneakers.

This list definitely covers and solves most doubts on pairing and selecting trousers for men. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

Comfort or Style? We say, both!

Have you heard of, “Comfort is the key” or “It’s for style, baby”? Both these statements have their own importance when it comes to choosing what we wear. We all can agree on one thing that stylish clothing is not necessarily the most comfortable stuff out there. If people have to choose between style and comfort, comfort would always be their first priority. Be it any celebrity, fashionistas, business tycoon, sports person, corporate officials or even common man for that matter. A style without comfort can only look good on dummies. Sometimes, people dress stylish and are not comfortable in what they are wearing, it shows in their body language, they will be conscious about appearance instead of feeling confident. But style is important and all of us try and make sure that we look stylish when we are out. The fact is you cannot carry a style if it is not comfortable and on the other hand no one wants to be just comfortable and not stylish. However, you can choose to be stylish and still be at comfort, thanks to wide range of apparel options all over. So, choose wisely and dress appropriately keeping in mind comfort and style.

Men's Chinos India

One of things a man can wear that is comfortable and stylish is a pair of premium Chinos. Chinos are undoubtedly, the most versatile trouser a man can own. Chinos are essential for every man’s wardrobe, they are comfortable and they are stylish. Chinos are usually made of stretch fabric that provides comfort all day around. Another great thing about Chino Pants is that they are available in a wide range of colors. With different colors men have the option to show their style just the way the want to.

Chinos work well as formal and casual wear both, you have to know how to style them. A dark shirt, Blue Chinos and pair of black oxford shoes and you have complete formal look. On the other hand if you are looking for a casual look, go for white tee, Pink Chinos and white sneakers. A premium pair of chinos always leave a lasting impression on the people you meet.

Men's Chinos India

Agree with us? How do you keep it stylish and comfortable? Let us know in the comments what you think!

Making the most of your Blue Chino Pants!

Chinos, an irreplaceable and ultimate antidote to a man’s wardrobe. With vibrant color combinations and complementary styles, chino pants are must-have wardrobe essentials for every man. Chinos pants are simple casual, cotton trousers that draw a thin line between your jeans and dress pants. To begin with, the navy (blue) is one of the versatile and a definite version for a relaxed yet sporty look. However, pieces of blue are never to be kept in brief. Blue chinos carry a wide pack of combinations from pairing them up with a shirt and loafers to t-shirts or trainers, one can go beyond the lines to explore these lines of pairings. One needs to come out of their fashion hibernation if they are not aware of all those shades of blue available in chino pants!

Men's Blue Chinos India


Without a shadow of a doubt, one can dress up Navy Blue Chinos with endless light-colored shirts and t-shirts. The neutral wardrobe styled blue shade makes them an ideal substitution with fancier basics in cool weather.  Even the smartest of shades have a touch of informality which gives a casual and easy to dress look to your clothing. Another option is to go with a denim shirt on the top with navy colored chinos for a young and a modern vibe. Besides that, you can wear them up with a black roll-neck sweater or a grey jacket for a relaxed winter look.

Men's Blue Chinos India

One of the other shades includes midnight blue. When you consider turning your shade of blue for a captivating look, midnight blue is the one that attracts everyone to your attire. Unlike sticking to your old fashion style codes, you could pick out the rarest shades of blue to spice up your look with uniqueness. To put together a relaxed and informal ensemble, you can easily pick a mustard color sweatshirt to go easy and white sneakers for an amazing day look. To infuse a rugged sophistication, one can pull a pink dress shirt to add an elegant twist with midnight blue chinos.

However, the list goes on and on. From coupling these shades of blue with various shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and coats, we have understood a fact that it is easy to put together with shades of blue without spending too much time looking through the wardrobe. This summer, let’s play a game and complete our endless list of pairings with elegant approaches and new getups.

Do let us know your thoughts on how you make the blues work for you!

Finding the right Fragrance!

We usually ponder before wearing a beautifully crafted fragrance, which is the perfume that would complement our personality and outfit the most? We, the people, have a tendency to associate ourselves with the fragrances easily, without knowing its real importance. Wearing fragrance is simple, but carrying it well requires a little more effort and skill. Our fragrances are an incredibly powerful accessory that tends to describe our moods by directly setting up a link between our brain cells and emotions. The moment you smell a thing, your brain starts to draw judgments and record your feelings, just so that if you encounter the same smell again, you get carried away by your first ever experience with it. A lot of people stand in the queue of dilemma while choosing perfumes for themselves or their loved ones. However, certain remarks allow you to rise above all the odds and make a decision in your favor.

Perfume is a primal thing, allows you to eliminate your choices while measuring the weight of its smell on your body. You can easily guess if you’re suited to the idea of lightness if you’re looking forward to something pure and transparent. This allows a person to make a choice invariably of the color or dress he/she wears and choose the one that fits your idea of a comforting smell.

There is a wide range of colognes/fragrances available in the market, from fresh and floral to oriental and woody notes. Some love the idea of all-natural, some all spiced up and heavy, and some who prefer the aromatic and dry. To begin with, talking about these fragrances we must first consider the types of personalities that these smells work best with. These can be associated with classic, relaxed, dramatic, creative, rebellious, feminine and elegant chic personalities, whoever you are there’s something for you.

People who have a classy style, the ones who prefer clean and structured lifestyles, that are always denoted by value and quality. It practices power and refinement with its collared shirts and tailored jackets. You should try the bold blooms like lilies, jasmines, and orchids blend quite nicely among this category of people, giving fresh and floral fragrances with a sultry smooth touch of vanilla.

Moving on, we encounter some relaxed personalities in our day-to-day lives who are characterised as easy going and casual. People who are unceremonious and open folks who love carrying comfortable and practical styling of clothes with whatever they want. You should try some woody and aromatic fragrances that are earthy, sensual, and straightforward with fresh and fragmented notes of citrus along with lavender, burning cedar, or tobacco smoke like smell.

For the ones who like drama, there are several possibilities like seductive, glamorous, minimalistic, striking, or futuristic. These are defined by their bold, mysterious and exciting outfits. They carry a daredevil side with highly demanded attention and a not so engaging personality. However, they are attracted more towards seductive, intense and sensual fragrances like gleaming amber, including spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and animal scents combined with oriental leaves, caramel notes, chocolates, and cappuccinos.

After knowing the little science behind the whole fragrance concept, we can now make better between who we are and the fragrance we choose. Do share with us your new favourites and experiences.

Wardrobe essential for a Man!

Fashion is a fickle thing. Seasons change, trends flux and what’s in one day is out. the next. Style, however, is a different matter. Despite the cyclical trends in fashion, certain clothes are essentials for men. These wardrobe staple will always keep you looking fresh, no matter the time or year. Different people have different thoughts on what the basic men’s closet holds, and that’s totally fine. The key to dressing well is a refined, versatile wardrobe, but what comprises one? This men’s wardrobe essentials guide will tell you what you need to know.

This is by no means an authoritative men’s wardrobe essentials guide for what you must have to be a stylish guy. Style varies, so this post aims to help encompass a solid foundation for a men’s wardrobe.

Button down shirt:

Of course, this list would consist a good button-down shirt. Your wardrobe is incomplete without it.  Every good button-down shirt needs to be structured and ironed well. And let’s not forget that these button-downs come in various patterns, colours and styles.

You can also try out light-coloured blues or pastels. Even a shirt with a classic pattern of stripes is fine. Casual button-downs are worn untucked. they’re not meant to be layered under a suit. The fabric is also lighter and more breathable. That’s why you can wear them to the bar on weekends and feel comfortable wearing it. They function as the main exhibit of your outfit like t-shirts and polo shirts do.

Button Down Shirt Men

Denim jackets:

A denim jacket is a fantastic option to have at your wardrobe. Available in any shade nowadays, the versatility of its wash and classic cut means it goes with a variety of casual and smarter looks, used inconspicuously for layering purposes or as the main feature when worn as traditional outerwear. From male models to men’s style icons, the denim jacket remains a key rock n roll style piece. The garment is perfect for adding a simple yet stylish finishing touch to an array of looks.

Denim Jacket Men's Wardrobe Essential

Casual shoes:

Talking about footwears, casual shoes should be in top of your list. Although, the number of casual shoes a man needs depends on his lifestyle. When looking for casual shoes for your core wardrobe, give more weight to muted colours that will never go out of style. Being the most comfortable shoes, you can wear them anywhere. They add style in your outfit. Seek out quality and you can expect a long life from your footwear if you take care of it.  When worn in conjunction with similarly styled clothing, it will look great today and over time develop a worn look that will make it look even better.

Couple of white t-shirts:

We’ve said this again and again that the white t-shirt is the backbone of your wardrobe. White t-shirt is the most staple of your wardrobe’s staples. It is most versatile: it dresses up, it dresses down, it’s the blank canvas around which you can you build any outfit. You can wear it with almost anything. Wear it with ripped jeans, or navy chinos or denim shorts this timeless piece going to look good on you no matter what. They work as the foundation for your stylish look.


Jeans are arguably greatest gift to menswear. They have come a long way from their humble beginnings as work trousers to their current iconic status as the trouser of choice for lumberjacks and movie stars.  Equally at home with a T-shirt and sneakers or monk strap slip-ons and a blazer, jeans are a rare combination of image, functionality, and comfort.  It’s these three traits as to why every man should have at least a few pairs of denim jeans in his wardrobe.

By their very nature all jeans are casual; however, there are levels of separation and the darker the jean the more “formal” it becomes.  Thus, it’s better to mix a sport jacket with dark jeans than light jeans, although the latter can be pulled off especially in the summer. what you own depends on your lifestyle and needs, but have at least two pairs of jeans and look sharp when worn with a dress shirt.

Men's Jeans India


Especially during the warmer seasons, shorts are a necessity. Shorts are casual wear, there is no getting around this. Shorts are a great way to enjoy the heat of summer while looking stylish, without having to die in your warm, itchy, smelly jeans.  Shorts come in different materials and cuts but normally cotton, and sometimes linen. Shorts, as the name suggests, should be short, so anything below knee is no go! Aim for around the knee cap, and depending on your height and your leg muscles, maybe even higher. They come in a huge variety of colours, patterns and prints. For basics, no one can go wrong with a pair of chino shorts, especially in brown and navy, classic colours.

Leather belts:

If your pants have belt loops, wear a belt. It’s as simple as that. You’ll wear a belt almost every day, so it’s definitely worth the extra money to get one that’s made of sturdy, durable leather.


When it comes to accessories, sunglasses pretty much occupy the top spot, especially when it comes to fashion. Today, they are no longer a simple, practical tool. They are, without any doubt, a way to showcase personal style and flair, with some owning multiple pairs so they can match the right pair of shades with their outfits, occasion and mood.

Men's Sunglasses

Give your wardrobe a firm foundation by adding these timeless items.

Different Styles of Shoes a Man Should Have!

Shoes are one of the most essential things in fashion and most fun to shop. After all, the right footwear can quickly make or break your look. Shoes can be used as a cue to someone’s personality or even his mood on that day. If you want to look stylish every day, wearing an elegant outfit isn’t enough your shoes should be right and complement your every assemble. Your shoes are often the first thing people notice about you, especially if they look like they’ve been round too many blocks.

Shoes are an indispensable piece of attire that assists you in creating an impactful impression on others. This is an important reason why you must opt for a good and comfortable pair of shoes meticulously. They help you in conveying your persona in a unique way. A good pair of shoes not only adds on your fashion appeal, they help you create the perfect look and satisfy your fervour for fashion accessories.

But there are many questions come in mind when we go to buy shoes: What kind of shoes are the best to own? What builds out a solid foundation for a shoe wardrobe, which can then be added to with fun or trendy options? So, we’ve narrowed down a selection of basic shoes that will fashionably see you through every occasion. These are the shoes every guy should own.

The Oxford

Most of us go for an Oxford shoe without even thinking about it. Oxford shoes make a lot of sense with any professional outfit. A high-quality pair is a worthy investment because they’ll never not work for smart occasions. The elegant footwear style has been lending a dapper touch to outfits for centuries and continues to do so today. Closed lacing defines the Oxford. The eyelet tabs are stitched underneath the vamp, or the top of the shoe. The design was initially a plain shoe made of leather, but over the years the style has evolved significantly and now includes a broad range of fabrics, detailing and varying styles suitable for both smart casual and formal wear.

Most men already own a good pair of Oxfords which they wear for more formal occasions; however, this shoe also looks great in a tan colour for casual events. Undoubtedly, they are the cleanest and most elegant version of shoes.

Men Shoes India


No matter what time of the year, sneakers have become a worldwide favourite style of footwear. Not only are they found in an array of styles, sizes, and colours, but they are also very diverse, which means that they can be matched with almost any outfit, all year round.  Sneakers are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but which are now also widely used for everyday casual wear and become a fashion statement. These are comfortable for daily wear and going for gym etc.They are the best match of comfort and stylish looks and one would love to wear these all the time.

Being a sportswear to streetwear, sneakers are available in variety of ranges.  From the very basic to the brightest leather, from the minimal to the metal fastenings.

Sneaker Shoes For Men

The Loafer

Perhaps the most stylish shoes of our time, loafers are the ultimate in refined, classic footwear. Scandinavian origin, the loafer has developed into the sartorial styling of preppy culture and is now a streamlined shoe style. Loafers are a classic slip-on style of shoe that does not feature laces or other fastenings. They are typically made of leather or suede and shaped like a moccasin with a flat heel.

Loafers are minimalistic shoes and yet give you a smart look. Clean, simple with the playfulness of a single tassel on each shoe, this one is perfect for your wardrobe. The loafer has endured update after update, continuously evolving with the changing times.

Men Shoes Essentials


The most wearable men boot style known to men. Chukkas are comfortable and modest, yet look sharp for many occasions. These are the casual ankle boot that got its name from game of polo and originated in India. Isn’t that interesting? Chukkas are the business casual of boots. Not only chukkas are dashing for a date or spending party hour on weekends, but if you’re a professional, chukkas also look great with khakis or jeans in an office environment. They are mostly found in shades of brown.

Chukka boots never go out of style and can be worn year-round, making them a men’s wardrobe all-star. Plus, they work equally well mixed into casual or more elevated outfits, meaning they look great with basically everything you already own.


 Boots for Men


Boat shoes

One of the greatest joys in life is wearing leather shoes without socks. It is a wonderful sensation. A timeless, classical look that matches with pretty much anything is a boat shoe. But firstly, what are boat shoe?

The boat shoe comprises a soft rubber sole and an upper section usually made of a treated leather or canvas. With a low, below-the-ankle profile, boat shoes lend themselves well to warmer weather. They feature short, typically leather, lacing on top with decorative laces around the sides, cutting a distinct silhouette.

Many men wear boat shoes in regular basis. They are so comfortable. Boat shoes lends itself well to the summer wardrobe. Today’s boat shoe is more about the style, and given its versatility, should find itself in every man’s wardrobe before summer.

 Guide to Men's Shoes

Choosing a shoe style that matches your outfit isn’t very difficult. Depending on the situation or occasion you are wearing the shoes. So, what are your thoughts? What’s your favourite pair of shoes? Have you worn any of the shoes on our list? We welcome your comments and suggestions.

This is all you need to pack for a weekend trip!

It’s probably right to say that most men pack at the last minute for any vacation. There is a lot that goes into preparing for a boys getaway weekend like figuring out the logistics for the weekend, mapping out your route, and most importantly, packing the essentials needed for your time away. Oh, this is a lot to handle, isn’t it? Putting some modicum of thought and preparation into packing saves a whole lot of hassle and frustration, both for you and for anyone you may be traveling with because nothing is worse than not having everything you need once you arrive at your vacation spot.

So, you should make a list before packing. what are the essentials? What might be needed or not? It will make your work easier and might not leave you feeling unprepared and scrambling at the last minute.  But you should also keep in mind that there is a fine line between packing everything you need and over packing. You don’t want to be that guy, packing a full-size suitcase for two nights away, but you also can’t wear the same t-shirt three days in a row. Select items that have the most potential for maximum usage and not for just one particular occasion. In order to do your packing, you first need to analyze your weekend. Is it an outdoor roughing it kind of retreat or perhaps a poolside extravaganza mixed with nightclub outings? The items you select largely depend on the type of weekend you have planned.

We’ve Compiled below is a list of essential items that will hold you through a weekend trip.


Wardrobe selections

T-shirts/ Tees/ Sweater

Pack few t-shirts for a casual warm weekend, bring a neutral sweater that’s comfortable enough for sightseeing but sharp enough for dinner. Layers are key when travelling. So, pairing your tee with jackets would be a good idea. Also, it can be worn over the dress shirt with either bottom. How’s that for versatility on the run?  You actually need a shirt that feels awesome and comfortable all the dang time. An easy way to look effortlessly cool. From light white tees to bulky leather jackets, there’s a wide range of options that will appeal to every type of getaway.

Five Ways to Wear a White T-shirt


Wherever you go it is always wise to take trousers as well as shorts just in case. Cargo shorts are fantastic for the travelling male. Why not bring out a bit of military inspiration and venture toward the camouflage print fabric? Also, a pair of dark jeans or khakis. Make it dark and make it slim. It’s all about utility when you’re packing light, and it doesn’t get more practical than this. Steer clear of extremely distressed denim or other distracting details. Pack something which will go with anything.


The Complete Travel Packing List For Men - Cool Men Style 2019


In most cases all you really need is two well-chosen pairs of shoes. One that will work from day to night, and one that can double as appropriate poolside footwear and also suitable for a casual outing. Regardless of the time of year, you always want to be prepared for unexpected opportunities. For shoes that can transition from day tonight, stick to a semi-casual pair of oxford shoes or derby shoe and for a casual pair of shoes, stick to canvas slip-ons. They work well for pool parties or hitting up the nearest brunch spot. Depending on what you’re more comfortable in.



Traveling is no excuse to let your hygiene suffer. Even if the hotels you frequent offer toiletries in the bathroom, it’s easiest to keep a stocked kit in your bag. When everything’s already there, you won’t have to scramble before a camping trip or other rustic outing. Collect travel-size bottles of shampoo, body wash and face wash (or, if you’re less diligent about cleansing, a bar of soap) and toss them all into a sturdy leather shaving or toiletry bag. Add a stick of deodorant, sunscreen, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a comb, contact solution and glasses cleaner, if necessary. Also stash small containers of any hair products and colognes you use regularly. Every man’s shaving habits differ, but the average guy will need a razor in a protective case and a travel-size can of shaving cream. Add aftershave and moisturizer if you use them.


Pack enough underwear for your trip (and maybe two or three extras). You can always wash your underwear during your travels if you do run out. Tip: remember to pack a small thin bag for your dirty laundry; it will separate your clean and dirty things so you don’t get them mixed up.


Follow this rule for socks, underwear and undershirts: bring one for each day of your scheduled trip, plus one or two extras just in case. Socks are important because they will protect your feet from rubbing against your shoes when you do a lot of walking. We recommend packing thick socks if you’re going somewhere cold and ankle socks if you’ll be wearing trainers around the city.

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