How to style Pink, for men?

Even though different colors have different impacts on our moods and behaviors, we must never stop exploring them. For a fact, we know our wardrobes are filled with our favorite colors, but we must take a step out of our comfort zones to discover our difficult choices. Pink is one of them, one of the colors that most men haven’t explored yet. Although it may bring feelings of romance and holidays, there are some shades of it like pale pink, baker miller pink, that are categorized as relaxing and cool for informal and formal occasions. Not only is pink liked by women, but has also made a real comeback in men’s fashion. Considering the fashion history, men used to wear pink silk suits which had floral embroideries that projected their masculinity and boldness. Progressing to the early 1900s, the thinking got lost as society changed. But yet again, in this age of dark lipsticks and extensive hair, pink tends to catch women’s attention as they appear masculine and attractive to them.

Pink represents the symbol of power and fierceness and performs with more confidence when worn by men. Guys who own their clothing boost their attractiveness and makes them look more empowering. The recent hype of the pink color amongst men has led to its encouragement as they are no more afraid to experiment with this vibrant color!

Pink Chino's For Men India

Pink shirts are one of the fantastic classic clothing items that can be maintained with a little sophistication. It looks stylish on all skin tones while making you feel more confident. With its fashionably relaxed and complementary tones, pink can be paired with navy, black, white, and shades of grey to create an amazing ensemble. Alternatively, there are colors like cream and dark green which can be highly flattering as you head to a social occasion or a business meeting. Choosing out a lightweight cotton fabric in the washed-out shades of pink can be an excellent choice since it keeps you cool and exciting when partnered with dark shades of blue denim.

Pink Chino Pants For Men India

Yet another timelessly stylish garment and worthwhile addition to your wardrobe can be premium pink colored chinos. Ideal for casual meetings and sophisticated office look, a pink trouser is simple yet a fashionable classic. One can pair these chinos with a striped shirt in the shades of blue, white and black to create a practical ensemble. Pink chinos can be perfect when you are heading out for lunch with friends or a normal hangout and can be paired with a slim-fitted cotton style shirt in dark or neutral tones with a belt and leather loafers. One can even add dapper accessories like a tie, pocket square, leather loafers to their outfit with exclusive pink colored trousers to create a surprisingly versatile look.

These timeless combinations that appear stylish and sophisticated are more intriguing in spring and summertime. However, they all give a well-balanced appearance including the pale hues, tones in baker shade, when paired with midnight tones, cobalt, and vibrant hues. Looks like Pink can enhance and complete the outfit ensemble pretty well. This summer lets try out exploring new combinations with pink shirts and pink chinos to create an elegant appeal.

We’d love to know how you style Pink, drop us a comment below!

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