Cotton Polos

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Feels Soft & Fresh

Bio-washed Cotton


·      Made with 100% Pique Cotton

·      2 Buttoned Placket

·      Pre-washed, pre-shrunk fabric

·      Anti-fading technique applied

·      Lightweight and extraordinarily comfortable

·      Made with eco-friendly dyes

·      Perfect Tailored Cut

Made with 100% Pique Cotton, our Polos are engineered for all day comfort.

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It is important that you use cold water the first time you wash your polo shirt. In general, never use water that is warmer than 40 degree Celsius. We also recommend that you use fabric softener to protect the shirt’s delicate texture. We do not recommend using dryers and radiators; however, if you do plan to use a dryer, then its best to buy the size above your normal size. The ideal way is to drip-dry your polo shirt. Lastly, always iron your shirt inside out to avoid flattening the weave or lustering the cotton.

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We only use cotton that is purposefully and carefully chosen for its quality. Our Polos are put through a 3-stage starch removal process to create pre-washed, pre-shrunk garments that last. All just to delight you.

Anti-Fading Tech

The fabric used in our Polos is 2-ply, making our Polos more durable than those made with a single ply. We also apply an anti-fading technique to ensure that the colours used to create your Polos last much longer.

Eco-friendly dyes

We only use judiciously selected eco-friendly dyes. We enjoy end-to-end visibility on our manufacturing process so that we can make our products with the high quality that our customers have come to expect from us.

Predictable Fashion

We are here to give men modern core essentials whose fit remains stable. No change of fabrics or cut every 6 months. We are predictable, so that you have that one brand (us!) you can trust and return to year after year.

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