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Fits The Right Places

Sustainable Plant Derived Fabric

Anti-bacterial, Odour resistant

  • 95% micromodal fabric + 5% Spandex
  • Sustainable fabric derived from trees
  • 50% more moisture-wicking than Cotton
  • Lightweight and extraordinarily comfortable
  • Highly durable

Our innerwear effortlessly marries comfort with performance – it is much softer than cotton while being highly durable and odour resistant.

No Refund/Exchange allowed for innerwear.

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We recommend machine washing your Henry & Smith innerwear. Do not tumble dry for long. Do not brush them as the harshness will damage the micromodal fabric. Use only mild detergents and go easy on them. Do not use bleach under any circumstances.

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We don’t skimp on quality ingredients. Our innerwear is 95% micromodal, a fabric that is magically derived from sustainable wooden sources. In fact, it’s 3X softer than cotton. Our innerwear is premium of a different standard.

Highly durable

Cotton based innerwear is soft when you buy it but will quickly lose its properties with regular washes. Enter: Micromodal. Our magical fabric retains its special characteristics even after multiple washes.

Keeping you fresh

Our innerwear absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton, leaving you dry and comfortable all day. Add to this its anti-bacterial properties and you have an innerwear that delivers performance like no other.

Microfiber Waistband

We selected microfiber to create our waistband so that its high on strength. It is specially designed to keep you comfortable and itching-free. Say good-bye to all those worries.

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