Social Media Influencer Internship

Social Media Influencer Internship

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social media brand influencer internship


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What’s it about?

Our Social Media Influencer Internship, is simply about leveraging your social media accounts to generate Brand Awareness. 

What you have do to?

Generate Brand awareness by sharing our posts, promoting Brand’s Campaign. Share , Tweet, Like. Yep, that’s about it.  With each share , signup, or tweet you unlock prizes & goodies. 

What do I get?

For the efforts you put in, you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Internship, and One Student will be selected for the All expenses Paid Goa Trip. For each student there is something to win. Put in your best and you will unlock hoardes of prizes at every stage of your internship.

How can I win the Goa Trip?

Well, simple. Do something extra. Be a part of us – Review our products, influence purchase decisions, take part in our campaigns, make videos. Just simply, do something better than the others. 

What are the Prizes & Goodies can I win?

Lot of stuff, really. Cash reward, Tshirts, Goodie bags, Credit Rewards & more.

What’s Inclusive in the trip?

Your Flight Tickets & Stay.

What’s the Duration of Internship?

2 Months starting from 28th June

Is it Full time or Part Time?

You can Work from Home. spend as much time as it is required to complete your goal.

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