Richi Shukla


A fashion stylist and also a former cricketer who influences a lot of the people with this fashion sense.

Q. 1 Tell us about your studies college why you decided to became a cricketer?

A. I have completed a bachelor of physical education in my studies, and apart from this I love cricket so much and one of the biggest reason that I am in cricket field is because of my father, he was the biggest fan of cricket and also my name is inspired by one of the famous cricketers from west indies who is sir Richie Richardson.

Q 2 What motivates you to play better?

A. Many things motivate me to play cricket and the most important reason is that my father always wanted me to represent the Indian cricket team and that is the biggest motivation for me.

Q.3 How your family supported you?

A. In the beginning, I had no support from my family but I wanted to do something and I joined a club and started participating in all the activities. After a few days, my family accepted this and supported my dream. in middle unfortunately my father left us and I stopped playing then my mother supported and motivated me and i got my position back.

Q. 4 We’ve seen you posting about many things on cricket, fashion & collaborations but never posted about your dating life?

A. I don’t share much about my personal relationships life rather i share about myself , my lifestyle and most importantly about cricket.

Q. 5 Top 4 items you would pick up from Henry & Smith’s collection?

A. I like all the stuff and all the products are really nice. if i have to choose any 4 then i would choose

  1. Chinos
  2. Jeans
  3. Belt
  4. Socks

Q.6 Finally, what’s the next product you would want to see in Henry & smith?

A. I would love to see and buy some cool t-shirt, shirts and of course hoodies.

Q.7 Lockdown has impacted mental health for a lot of individuals, what are the 2 activities would you suggest to your followers which might help them?

A. Lockdown has impacted all our lives and I would suggest that we all should spend quality time with our family and focus on our health, do some yoga and exercise this will reduce mental stress, sharpens attention and concentration also improves the quality of life

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