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Shrawan Chettri


Designer from heart and always Enthusiastic about setting trends, die-hard crazy about basketball 🏀 . Always self-motivated and keeps his vibe positive and above all a  humanitarian 😇

What are your top 5 beauty or fashion concerns for September?

  1. Adopting a new normal that is wearing a masks
  2. Pastel shades of ootds for monsoon
  3. Keeping hair healthy by regular hair massage & chumpies
  4. Shaving on regular basis to keep breakout away in this season & replacing sneakers with crocs,

What are top 2 items you would pick from Henry & Smith’s collection?

Lockdown has impacted mental health of a lot of individuals. What are the 2 activities you would suggest to your followers that might help them?

  1. Healthy Diet
  2. Regular Work out

Finally, what’s the next product you would want to see in Henry & Smith

I would really like to see you guys launch some fun and colorful Underwears.

Life & Like of Harshit Mittal

Studying CS and fashion is his major passion. Comfortable fashion clothes are morale-boosting for him.
City: Ambala Cantt, India

“The best time for a new beginning is now”

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