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Fashion curator and influencer who loves dogs and works in style. Fitness is his motto of life along with enjoying life in Goa.

Tell us about your background and why you decided to become a fashion creator?

I am Carlton Pinto born and raised in Goa. I am a post-graduate with an MBA in marketing. Professionally I am a real estate developer. I run my own firm in Goa which is called the C Pinto Builders. Fashion is an art and I am the artist. I decided to become a fashion creator because I wanted to inspire people with my art of fashion.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is an art of showing your identity, it shows what type of person you are. Dressing up gives me a lot of confidence. Fashion builds up my self-esteem. I always dress to kill, like John Wick. Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously; you should have fun with it.

We’ve seen you posting about many things but you never posted about your dating life?

Well, it’s a yes and no, I like to keep my followers guessing. What’s the fun if I tell my followers everything about me. Follow me and know me better.

What are your top 4 grooming tips?

Well, the top 4 tips are the first four words of FASHION that is FASH.
1. FIT: Always get your clothes tailored as per your size.
2. ACCESSORIES: Make sure you wear accessories like chains wrist, watch, rings, etc..
3. SMELL: Make sure you always smell confident. Use perfume whenever you go out, be it for a cooperate meeting or even a casual meeting with your friends.
4. HAIR: always groom your beard or hair as per your face and body size.

What are the top 4 items you would pick from Henry & Smith’s collection?

Lockdown has impacted mental health for a lot of individuals, what are the 2 activities would you suggest to your followers which might help them?

1. The first activity which is my number one go-to activity for releasing stress, to help your mental health is working out because as per research working out is one of the best stress busters and can help you not just physically but mentally as well.
2. The second activity that I can suggest to my followers is sitting on the beach alone and just letting the breeze and wave calm you down because nothing can be more soothing than the sound of peaceful waves the breeze on your face.

What is a Pro-tip for budding influencers?

First, say NO to fake followers.
Stick to what you are good at and make that your living. We see many influencers online and we always think, how can I do it better, but we are asking ourselves the wrong question. We should be asking ourselves how can I do it differently. Yes, there’s a lot of competition out there but let your real competition be yourself. Make sure what you’re doing today is better than what you did the last time. Up your game and upgrade.

“If You Feel Good, You Look Good”

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