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Mayur Saroj Rajput


Fashion artist and influencer who likes to break the norms in style. A die-hard fan of Fedora Hats.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is an expression of oneself, a way to signify who you are, where you come from, and what you believe in.

What exactly is Androgynous fashion? Or Define your style aesthetic?

Androgynous fashion is where femininity meets masculinity in beautiful silhouettes meant to celebrate all body types irrespective of gender identity. My personal style is Androgynous, experimental, and effortless.

What are the top 2 items you would pick from Henry & Smith’s collection?

Ducky Blue Pineapple Fun Men Socks

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The Clean Slate Grey Stretch Washed Men Chinos

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What are the 5 colors of chinos Indian men should have in their wardrobe?

Though style changes with time but the essence of fashion always remains to be the same and i.e. to “look and feel good”. And when it comes to men then matching up to that latest spark of trend does matter a lot. Never been a fan of wearing Chinos but Henry and smith changed that for me, I am completely obsessed with the palette they offer with such quirky names. My personal favorite is grey, lilac, brown, olive, mint( the ones I have from H&M). They are sleek, trendy, and help you get the best fashion in you, Chinos are definitely a lot more than one can think of.

A pro tip to the budding influencers for the better growth in the industry.

Today, many people aspire to become influencers. It does seem like a lucrative career option and life choice for many people. However, behind all of the glitz and glamour of any influencer’s social media profile, there lies a truckload of hard work and patience. Choose a niche that allows you to showcase your strengths and refine your skills further. Depending on your niche and distribution channels, you can choose different types of content such as blog posts, photos, videos, podcasts, etc.

Life & Like of Kartik Dhuria

Kartik is a fashion blogger who celebrates body positivity. NIFT graduate, with a flair for designing jewelry, he is always keen on exploring different colors and silhouettes in his style sense. He strongly believes that fashion is for men and women of all sizes.

“If You Feel Good, You Look Good”

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