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Siddhart Santosh Patil


Motivational towards success. A die-hard fan of coffee and can travel anywhere for it. Your thoughts make you the person you are. Always run on positive vibes.

What are your top 5 beauty or fashion concerns for September?

  1. Living in a place where humidity and pollution are both high, I always prefer beauty products for men that are paraben and sulphate free
  2. I am in love with the fashion industry of our nation and always prefer brands that are fully made in India
  3. I recently realized that there are fake products available in the market. So I am very cautious about them as well
  4. I personally prefer comfort and quality over style because they give me more confidence. I think people must realize that if a garment is comfortable then it is inherently classic
  5. Man buns are classic

What are top 2 items you would pick from Henry & Smith’s collection?

Lockdown has impacted mental health of a lot of individuals. What are the 2 activities you would suggest to your followers that might help them?

  1. Regular Work out
  2. Share your thoughts with the loved ones

Finally, what’s the next product you would want to see in Henry & Smith

I would really like to see innerwear and beauty products for men

Life & Like of Shantanu

Studied from NIFT and a fashion designer. Colorful and Vibrant fashion is his motto.
City: Dibrugarh, India

“The best time for a new beginning is now”

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