Top Ten Trouser colours for Men!

We are all influenced by colors every day (in some way or the other). The colour is the first thing that most people notice when they meet other people, colors say a lot more about a person than we realise.  The general idea is that bright colors reflects happiness and adds positive vibes to one while the dark colours reflect how intense a person’s life is, this is a very broad perspective but true when colors are decoded. The choice that we make while selecting the colour combination depicts the image that we want to display.

When it’s about Pants for men, picking colors can be slightly tricky, here are the top ten colors that work really well for men.


Black Chinos For Men India

Black is always in style and the colour to be in. It is one of those contemporary styles that will never go out of fashion, a popular among people from all ages. Black Chinos or pants are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, as they work well for most occasions. Black trousers can be the ultimate option for day to day events till an integral business casual.

You can always pair your black trousers with a light colour t-shirt for casual look or a shirt for formal occasions.


Pink Chinos For Men India

Pink is a colour which evokes the emotions of youthfulness, love, romance, and supportiveness. Bright white top and Pink pants is a breezy combination for outdoor summer events. Though, we should note that Pink is not for everyone, you have to feel confident within to pull it off well. Pro Tip: Match your sneaker with the color of your T-Shirt for a trendy look.


Grey Pants for Men India

You can never go wrong with grey. It is truly a one of a kind colours that goes well with all men. Whether you are skinny, fit or healthy- your grey trousers know how to carry you really well. Good news for those obsessed with this colour is that this is one of the colors that can be matched well with other shades of the same color. A dark top wear and Grey Chinos with formal shoes and you are all set for your meeting, a no brainer when it’s about work wear.

Maroon (A shade of Red)

Maroon Pants Men India

It has a bold look but wearing it can also be incredibly stylish. After all, the attention-grabbing colors creates quite the fashion statement. As such, Maroon trousers are perfect for men who like to stand. Styling red pants can be tricky, but that’s what we are here for. The technique to pulling them off is to partner them with complementary garments that won’t fight for attention. To do so, try sticking to a neutral colour palette. Both white and black work well with red, as do cream and grey.


White Pants For Men India

White is an irreplaceable colour which you would love to wear for very selective occasions. White trousers work incredibly well with various shades of red and also denim chambray shirts. It is perfect for sunny days that require a cool sartorial arrangement.


Green Pants for Men India


For warm weekends, green trousers are great to opt for. This and another shade of green, olive green, perfectly complements the white and all shades of grey. And because of that you can combine it with neutral tones of T-shirts and sneakers. Also, muted tones of green match well in combination with light shades of beige colour. This is a great, earthy colour that offsets white nicely, but can be effectively paired with darker shades, too.

 Classic Navy

Blue Trousers For Men India

Navy trousers are essential in every mans’ wardrobe. Navy adds an element of “smart casual” in your style. Without a shadow of a doubt, navy is one of the most important color in menswear category. It’s endlessly versatile, it’s flattering and it’s exceptionally easy to get right. Dress it up, dress it down, or even build an entire outfit from it. Make a dark green bomber jacket and navy trouser your outfit choice if you want to look casual and cool effortlessly. Pair black low top sneakers to the equation to switch things up.


Khaki Chinos Men

It’s a light colour, a subtle shade of brown. It’s ideal for casual occasions such as day out with friends or going for a drink with friends. The best pairing option for Khaki Chinos is a navy shirt or a simply black tee. Inject an extra dose of sophistication into your getup by slipping into a pair of dark brown leather loafers. Other options, they are excellent to wear with with dark blue, red and dark grey coloured shirt or sweater from lightweight material and sneakers or casual shoes.


Cream Pants for Men India

A pair of cream pants are one of menswear’s most underrated items and they are something that you can seldom forget. This color adds style, confidence and charisma to your personality. A colour for the soul these trousers is adored by men from different parts of the world. This is the reason why there are several brands that have launched their exclusive collection of Cream pants, some of them are limited edition too. Pair them with any solid dark color on top and black sneakers for a smart-casual look.


Purple Pants For Men India

One of the edgier colors as far as Men’s Fashion is concerned. This color is easy to pull off with White Shirt for formal looks. Adds traits of fun to your personality. For a summer day outing pair your Purple Chinos with a light tee and white sneakers.

This list definitely covers and solves most doubts on pairing and selecting trousers for men. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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