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Our version of a bag is a lot different that every other average “duffel” bag out there in the market.
We have worked on its effectiveness and practicality just as much as we have carefully designed it aesthetically.

  • Washed Canvas make
  • Fine quality leather trims,
  • 4 compartments
  • 32 Lts volume
  • Extra shoe compartment
  • Printed cotton inner lining
  • Brass Buckles & Metal accessories
  • Side Double button Compartment
  • Outer zipper Compartment
  • Length: 18″ , Height: 10.24* Width: 10.5
  • Color of Canvas: Khaki, Leather : Brown

Sale Price: Rs. 2680 only
Original Price : Rs. 4700


300 gsm Washed Canvas Fabric, in Khaki Color

Fine quality Pigmented Leather with increased durability.

Side Shoe compartment enclosed with Zipper. Can accommodate upto Size 11 shoe.

Separate Shoe Compartment

It’s pretty simple. When we travel, don’t we all carry an extra pair of shoes? Why must we once cover our shoes with paper or plastic and then pack them in our bags Hence a separate compartment with a zipper, has been created so you can put in your extra pair with ease!

Yes, we said it’s 32 L!

Nobody appreciates a bag which opens up to look like it has been ransacked after a little travel! So we created the inner compartment with a lot of space to fit in everything you need for your weekend outing.

It’s simply Practical

What you need is simplicity in your life after so many complexities of your trip. Inner pockets to store your stuff, an outer side partition for end things & an outer zipper pocket to store things which need to be kept super safe. We mean your passport or tickets! 🙂

Did you question the Quality?

Our bag is made of Washed Canvas which makes it durable and light. Good quality Leather Trims add that extra sturdiness required in a bag that’s going to last long!


Yes, that’s a word. Our Weekender has three perfectly sized compartments for everything that is large to little so that every article fits in harmony. And of course a side compartment with a button top to keep those extra brushes, which we always forget!

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